Video Synthetic Monitoring

Delivering exceptional user experiences with unsurpassed video quality

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Video streaming and conferencing is fast becoming essential in today’s distributed and collaborative work environments. Unfortunately, legacy infrastructure in many organisations isn’t designed to support video. What’s more, many network monitoring tools do not effectively monitor video performance using a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). This means it can be challenging to know where or when your network infrastructure fails to support video applications.

Issues such as jitter, buffering and delays with video streaming can lead to dissatisfied stakeholders and customers who demand the best in video quality. You need to know if poor quality is due to insufficient network capacity, QoS settings or a poor ISP connection. But how do you do this without the right monitoring tools?

With Avocado’s Video Synthetic Monitoring you can continuously monitor your network to proactively identify issues specific to video connections as they traverse your network, WAN and third-party networks. Avocado’s Video Synthetic Monitoring measures and reports on all aspects of your video’s performance.

What video quality issues are you facing?

While no two networks are the same, they can run into similar issues. Avocado’s Video Synthetic Monitoring can ingest data from any point within your network to help you improve:

  • Poor video quality

    • Poor user experience (e.g. jitter, buffering) during video streaming and conferencing calls
    • Inability to pinpoint root causes (infrastructure, network or applications)
    • High visibility as impacting stakeholders and customers
  • Loss of productivity

    • Network and IT Operations spend considerable effort firefighting issues that are often not resolved e.g. “everyone blames the network.”
    • Users lose valuable meeting time through communication issues
  • Reputation damage

    • Your brand can be damaged by not providing quality communication facilities

Complete visibility. End user context.

Avocado’s Video Synthetic Monitoring inspects video traffic by measuring capacity, latency, loss and jitter between locations. Using industry standards like Mean Opinion Score (MOS), it can give you a continuous and up-to-date view of end-user experience and pinpoint exactly what is causing issues and where.

Video Synthetic MonitoringVideo Synthetic Monitoring dashboard

Avocado’s Video Synthetic Monitoring allows you to visualise the end user experience with:

  • Video MOS quality metrics
  • Real time analysis of video quality using frame, jitter, delay and packet loss metrics

Add extra visibility with Dynatrace DCRUM

Integrate results with Dynatrace DCRUM and also see:

  • End-to-end user experience context
  • Application and network visibility from raw traffic streams
  • Fault domain isolation by monitoring different network points
  • Automatic application discovery and analysis

Like to know more?

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