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CyberArk is the global leader in Identity Security.


Identity Security and Access Management Leader

CyberArk is the global leader in Identity Security. Centred on privileged access management, CyberArk provides the most comprehensive security offering for any identity – human or machine – across business applications, distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads and throughout DevOps lifecycle. The world’s leading organizations trust CyberArk to help secure their most critical assets.

Built for the dynamic enterprise, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform enables secure access for any identity – human or machine – to any resource or environment from anywhere, using any device.

  • Avocado is a certified CyberArk partner capable of handling the implementation and optimisation of CyberArk’s solutions.

Avocado and CyberArk

Avocado is an authorised CyberArk partner. We pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading identity security solution to our clients. We are a proud CyberArk partner and offer a full range of CyberArk-related services, including consultancy, licensing, implementation, management, and optimisation.

CyberArk, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty
CyberArk, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

What we solve

Digital solutions continually change how we work and interact. This makes digital identities and profiles core areas of focus and concern across industries.

Losing control of digital profiles can open massive cybersecurity holes for malicious actors. Said attackers are increasingly sophisticated and elaborate in their attacks.

Defending against malicious attacks starts with protecting digital identities and the ability to rapidly recognise compromised profiles.

Avocado leverages CyberArk’s leading solutions to protect companies’ data and systems from attack.


Together, we provide full implementation and optimisation of a range of services covering areas such as:

  • Cybersecurity: Privileged access security that enables companies to increase safety without influencing efficiency. Innovative, proven methodologies are translated into continuous development and systems that keep you ahead of malicious attacks.
  • Audit and compliance: Meet extensive and evolving compliance requirements across regulations, frameworks, and standards. Thanks to a unified approach, meeting identity-focused audit and compliance requirements becomes less complex.
  • Operational optimisation: Reduce cybersecurity complexity and costs with identity security solutions that provide unified access management. Consolidate security and simplify policy enforcement across all device types without negatively impacting your end users.

Get certainty that your identities are secured and managed by CyberArk.

With Avocado, you get certainty that your Human and Machine identities are appropriately centralised, secured and managed with the right level of privilege controls.

CyberArk, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Use Cases

Get the best out of CyberArk with Avocado. Our experienced consultants assist companies in changing and improving operations throughout your IT ecosystem.

We help companies reap multiple benefits from CyberArk across areas such as:

  • Security Maturity and Risk Assessment: Implement the optimal solutions for your current – and future – security profile.
  • Threat Vulnerability: Identify threats and risks and decrease vulnerability to cyberattacks.
  • Identity Security and Management: Secure identity management across all parts of your company.
  • Privileged Access Management: Keep accounts and profiles safe from malicious access with comprehensive privileged access management.
  • Endpoint Protection: Guard endpoints across cloud environments and operational systems with zero trust and clear admin rights to achieve fundamental upgrades to security controls.
  • Cloud Security: Handle permissions and identities in complex cloud environments with minimal impact on your business and user experience.
  • DevSecOps: Secure DevOps tools and applications and deliver continuous integration and delivery.

How Avocado optimises CyberArk outcomes

Avocado’s CyberArk-related offerings provide our clients with ease of mind that their investments are being addressed. Our approach is based on core qualities, such as:

  • Managed Service: Avocado’s CyberArk Managed Service offers flexible operational management and support from certified experts so you can derive maximum value from your CyberArk platform.
  • Tailored approach: Designed to match your needs and requirements today – and in future. Multiple Environment Support: Covering all aspects of deployment, management, and maintenance of on-premise, hybrid or cloud environments.
  • Certified: Our dedicated CyberArk practice has a team of certified experts that receive ongoing training to support best practice delivery.
  • Embedded: Tailored training sessions with a wide range of topics unique to CyberArk or Avocado can be delivered in formal and informal sessions.
  • Flexible: We have developed a service tailored to you with multiple payment options designed to fit your organisation.
  • 24×7: Customer services are available for you anytime to ensure you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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