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We focus on helping clients understand their end-user experience.


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Observability ensures smooth operations of your application and IT infrastructure, giving you complete visibility so you can detect problems before they escalate into full-blown incidents.

It may be time to consider adopting observability if you are facing the following challenges:

  • Balancing system performance, stability, and value while pursuing continuous improvement.
  • Harnessing valuable insights from abundant organisational data.
  • Meeting KPIs for increased productivity, profitability, competitiveness, and security.

At Avocado, we recognise these pain points and offer tailored solutions to address your unique performance, CX and security needs. Our approach enhances visibility, expedites root cause analysis, and reduces MTTR, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Our approach

At Avocado, we leverage our strong technical and business knowledge to provide valuable data insights for informed decisions. Our efficient observability implementation empowers your organisation’s success. With a focused data onboarding approach, we minimise unnecessary costs by avoiding capturing surplus data.

Prioritising your needs, we ensure right-sized solutions for each task through collaboration. We enhance your capabilities, identify long-term goals, and bridge gaps in partnership with your organisation.

Through our dedicated Engineering practice, we deliver tailored, leading solutions using diverse platforms. Our tool-agnostic approach aligns with your objectives, optimising monitoring for growth.

Our Observability Services:

Application Monitoring

Avocado’s dedicated Engineering practice delivers industry-leading solutions tailored to your needs. We monitor your application and infrastructure performance and availability, and provide you with greater visibility. Using a variety of industry-leading platforms and tools, Avocado forms detailed and comprehensive end-to-end strategies based on business objectives to minimise downtime and identify resource constraints and bottlenecks.

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Customer Experience Management

In today’s world, customer experience is your key differentiator. Avocado’s approach to digital experience monitoring acquires and correlates data from a diverse range of sources across your technology stack to understand your customer’s behaviour. Avocado’s experienced specialist consultants support you in identifying user patterns and implementing actionable insights to achieve an exceptional customer experience.

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Security Solutions

The cyber landscape is complex and threats are continually evolving. Discover our comprehensive cyber security solutions, protecting your organisation across the entire attack chain. With a rapidly increasing threat landscape, focusing on the strength of your cyber resilience is critical in an organisation’s security strategy, helping you increase visibility, vigilance, and value. Avocado can support you by optimising your cyber budget for a robust return-on-investment.

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Network Monitoring

The power and potential of network monitoring is not fully realised until you correlate your data with key business metrics. Is a slow router affecting your customer experience? Is an increase in DHCP requests an indicator of a cyberattack? By leveraging cutting edge technology, Avocado uses a strategic approach to correlate network events with your monitoring platforms to understand the full picture and downstream implications.

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Complementary Observability Services:

ROI Improvements

Monitoring tools have the power to bring substantial Return on Investment (ROI) benefits to your business. The key is to identify any valuable use cases and critical areas in need of further prioritisation. Avocado supports businesses in uncovering the true value of your application monitoring, observability and security, helping you maximise your spend.

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Managed Service

In today’s rapidly changing times, is your enterprise IT infrastructure equip with the right resources to extract the ultimate value? Avocado’s specialists support you in curating an effective and clear approach to the management of your IT infrastructure – by providing a tailored scope, solutions, and actionable milestones for your managed service to drive your business forward.

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Automation & Orchestration

Want to stay ahead of your competition? Start by deploying a roadmap to improve your current automation processes, speed and quality. Avocado’s certified automation experts can help your business optimise existing IT infrastructure, assess strategies moving forward, and delivery approaches to strengthen your position within the market.

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Cloud Strategy, Migration & Optimisation

Avocado offers comprehensive support for your cloud transition journey, providing services in cloud strategy, migration, and optimisation. Our team of certified experts can help to devise cloud strategies and roadmaps that align with your evolving business model, minimising disruptions during the migration process, ensuring compliance and security, and maximising your IT spend.

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Perform Better

Our innovative, world-class digital experience monitoring solutions help you deliver the exceptional customer experience.


Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the best technology providers to ensure we can deliver the right solutions for our clients.

Avocado is a premier partner to Dynatrace

Avocado is a Dynatrace Partner, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leader in Digital Experience Monitoring. Our highly skilled Engineers leverage Dynatrace to deliver innovative, world-class solutions. By partnering with Dynatrace, we ensure our consultants have the most comprehensive and up to date Dynatrace knowledge to help you adopt best practices and maximise your ROI.

Dynatrace Free Trial

You are entitled to a free Dynatrace trial.

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