What’s it like to be an Avocado?

What is it like working at Avocado? You will be part of an inclusive environment that inspires you to deliver on complex IT change with certainty. Avocado promotes real work-life balance; has a strong, supportive culture and shares success by ensuring you are rewarded for your effort. Fundamentally this means you will:

Lead the tech revolution

Never stop learning or innovating

Be driven to deliver, everywhere

Belong and be rewarded

Celebrate individuality.

Lead the tech revolution

At Avocado, you will support or provide IT solutions to some of Australia’s largest corporate clients and government agencies, at the forefront of technological revolution. You will be part of a team that challenges you each day – working with the brightest IT leaders in the country to deliver real world change to business and driven by our brand promise ‘deliver with certainty.’ 

“To me, ‘deliver with certainty’ means having the confidence and ability to deliver quality results with complete client satisfaction.” – David Lam, Test Consultant

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Never stop learning and innovating

Being part of the Avocado team is an investment in your future. Home to best-in-class ongoing training with our Gartner quadrant leading partners, a comprehensive two-year graduate program, and opportunities for leadership development, as well as a Reward and Recognition program for all our people. The result? Leading innovators open to exploring new ways of doing things. 

“…there’s always more to learn!” – Anthea Menzies, Project Manager.

Driven to deliver, everywhere

As a founder-led company, you will feel the cultural difference that comes with being part of our Avocado family. Life at Avocado is centered around ensuring our people are happy, motivated, and welcome. You will be part of an environment that suits your lifestyle, in a workplace that is driven to ‘Smash IT’. 

Belong and be rewarded

At Avocado, we do not take ourselves too seriously, yet each day you will be encouraged to live out our BRAVO values – Brand, Respect, Adaptable, Valiant and Outstanding – reinforcing the way we all deliver for our clients, our brand, and one another.  As an Avocado, our community is important to us, and our social network is strong. Along with the ‘usual’ office benefits we celebrate Avocado milestones and cultural events with fun and unique social activities, offer incentives to create ongoing value in your life and provide opportunities to give back to the wider community.  

“At Avocado, our social identity is part of who we are. It impacts the way we deliver for our selves, our teams and our clients. We encourage a deep sense of belonging by regularly coming together, celebrating success and creating a flexible environment, where Avocado feels like a second home and where we are all driven to Smash IT!” – Gerardo Barranquero, CEO.

Celebrate diversity

Avocadoes are inclusive – we celebrate the diversity of our team and the individuals and recognise that such diversity is what makes us leading innovators, change-makers and future shapers of Australia, and the world. 

“I am proud to be part of a leadership team that encourages working women to forge ahead with their career – by providing equal pay and next generation flexible working arrangements, so I can be a manager and a Mum.” – Zana Stojanovski, GM Business Technology Solutions.

Our BRAVO Values

At Avocado, we are driven by our core BRAVO values. Our values guide the way we make decisions and interact with one another each day. Our BRAVO Values are:











Read more about our values and how we put them into action.

Avocado’s Leadership and Development Program

Avocado is committed to life-long learning. This includes developing both our people’s technical ability and their soft-skills. To help support this, we offer all our permanent people access to our Leadership and Development Program (LDP). The LDP is designed to help you gain the skills, knowledge and agility required to be a leading consultant  – providing value to our clients and you with more career opportunities.

Employee Benefits

At Avocado, we understand how important it is to find that perfect balance between work, health, leisure, family, friends and all the other pursuits that make you, you! To facilitate this, we take a holistic approach. We focus on incentives for your work and development, and also additional incentives that make you feel fulfilled and respected. Above financial compensation, our benefits cater to individual needs in all aspects of their life – ensuring our people are happy, healthy and having fun! From developing your skills with our learning and development programs to supporting your mental health and wellbeing, Avocado is committed to delivering a balance between work and play.

We have a range of benefits which come under five core areas: work-life balance, culture and wellbeing, professional development, financial benefits and rewards and incentives.

A selection of our benefits are highlighted below. To read about all the benefits we offer, ask out talent team for our brochure.


Working at Avocado, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Work-life balance

At Avocado, we recognise the importance of finding a healthy work-life balance. We understand so we accommodate personal priorities through flexible working arrangements & paid parental Leave.

Working at Avocado, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Culture and Wellbeing

The positive environment we come into every day is an important part of our working life. Avocado loves to host social events, as there is a big focus on making our company a fun, and a social place to work. Our culture is shaped by our core BRAVO values

Working at Avocado, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Financial Benefits

At Avocado, we know remuneration packages play an important part in our value proposition. We want to attract and retain exceptional talent, and the overall happiness of our people. We offer competitive market salaries as well as cost of living payments & bonuses

Working at Avocado, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Professional Development

Avocado strives to develop and maintain highly skilled and engaged people. We invest in our people with internal and external training, tailored to various levels, such as our Learning & Development program. We focus on concepts that are relevant to individuals needs and future career goals.


Working at Avocado, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Rewards and Incentives

At avocado, we like to celebrate success and reward excellence and growth. We offer many reward programs that highlight the success of our employees on a quarterly and year bases. For example Circle of Excellence awards & discounted marketplace.

Reward and Recognition

At Avocado, the Reward and Recognition Program (R&R) is a framework for recognising our exceptional people. These people live our values and go above and beyond to help us achieve on our vision and purpose. We encourage all our people to submit nominations for their peers.

The program celebrates success regularly with our Circle of Excellence Awards. This includes:

Quarterly Awards

  • Our Above and Beyond Award is celebrated each quarter. It is for those who consistently demonstrate outstanding performance aligned to at least one of Avocado’s values

Yearly Awards

  • The Rising Star Award is an annual award provided to a junior staff member (i.e., individual contributors who are not yet managing people). The award celebrates consistent, outstanding performance that delivers business results and aligned to Avocado’s values throughout the year.
  • The Excellence Award is for those who consistently demonstrate outstanding performance that delivers business results. This includes commitment and leadership over and above their delivery role, which is aligned to Avocado’s values.

As part of our reward scheme, Avocado also offers bonuses for referrals of talent into our team, as well as lead generation of new business should they spot a valuable opportunity.

The reward and recognition program is one facet of our comprehensive benefit initiatives to make our people feel connected and appreciated. These initiatives include employee benefits above salary, our Leadership and Development Program and social events.

circle of excellence

Diversity and Inclusion at Avocado  

Avocado fosters a diverse and inclusive culture. We aim to create a safe and respectful environment where our people and their confidence can flourish. This is supported in our: 

  • Culture and BRAVO values 
  • Employment strategies and policies 
  • Commitment to pay equity 
  • Cultural celebrations 
  • Leadership and development programs. 

Celebrating diverse thinking

Avocado recognises everyone is an individual with different skill sets, ideas, and feelings. Therefore, we celebrate a diverse and inclusive workplace that aims to nurture its value. As a key principle, we strive to value the diversity in individuals by including everyone in opportunities and giving their ideas genuine consideration.

Our experience has shown us that the quality of our decision making is improved when a diverse range of views is canvassed and valued.  At Avocado, our culture has been built to encourage ideas to be free flowing between the team, so each person feels equally valued, and everyone feels nurtured for growth. This gives our team members a greater sense of wellbeing and a sense of belonging. It also improves the effectiveness of our leadership and the confidence of our people to contribute their unique and meaningful ideas more openly.

Tone from the top

At Avocado, we have measures to ensure that our leadership team and emerging leaders have cultural awareness and encourage inclusivity in their interactions. This is supported through our leadership and development programs, as well as our dedication to our core BRAVO values, specifically respect and valiant.

We are also committed to ensuring our leadership team is diverse and equal opportunities for all our people to progress.

At Avocado, we endeavour to lead by example in our own practices and behaviours. We continually review our employment strategies, policies, and propositions to ensure we offer fair and equitable opportunities for all, regardless of gender, nationality or disability.

We support pay equity and flexibility and, each year participate in a voluntary diversity report so that we can better understand and improve diversity and inclusion at Avocado.

Cultural celebrations

At Avocado, our workforce is a melting pot of culture and individuality. We encourage our people to share their stories and create an environment where they can celebrate festivities and celebrations that are meaningful to them – after all, we believe diversity should not just be accepted, it should be sought-out and celebrated.

Are you ready to join the Avocado team?

The Avocado Team is always looking for great people who are experienced in the IT industry, as well as graduates looking to take their first step on the IT career path. We pose a great focus on the development of your career, as we equip our staff with a diverse skill set to stay at the forefront of industry technology and practices.  At Avocado we truly believe there is no limit to our clients and consultants potential.


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