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Get an indication of your IT Delivery maturity in under 5mins

Take our mini Delivery and DevOps Assessment.

What is the Fast and Safe Mini Delivery and DevOps Assessment?

The mini assessment is a short questionnaire that will give you an indication of your IT Delivery maturity. It is based on our comprehensive assessment of your capabilities across the 5 core drivers of IT delivery success, and includes a roadmap to implement our recommendations.

Assess delivery priorities
Current and target maturity
Roadmap and implement

Avocado’s Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment

Centred on agile principles and collaborative practices, Avocado’s comprehensive fixed-price Maturity Assessment looks at your current capabilities across five core drivers of success. We then develop your tailored roadmap for continued evolution.

Take our Mini Assessment to get an understanding of your maturity in under 5mins.

5 Core drivers of our Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment

Culture and Process

How well does your IT capability deliver a great customer experience?

With customer and business expectations changing rapidly, the need for greater business agility is driving teams to adopt modern technology delivery practises and tools that are fast, nimble, and safe.

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