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Streamline deployments, automate continuous testing, gain efficiencies and optimise speed to market.


Book in your free 15 minute Delivery & DevOps Assessment

Get an indication of your IT Delivery maturity to realise the benefits of increased speed and improved quality to deliver fast, safe and secure.


Deliver software and apps that are fast, safe and secure.

In the age of digital-first, all organisations must evolve their technology capabilities to respond rapidly to business demands. Focused on increasing productivity, reducing human error and building operational resilience.

This is driving Australian businesses to adopt DevOps. DevOps brings development and operations activities together to eliminate silos, automate processes and create a continuous delivery pipeline.

Mature DevOp organisations undergo technical and cultural shifts, by combining people, practices, and culture to achieve high performance teams that benefit from:

  • More frequent code deployments
  • Faster lead time from commit to deploy
  • Faster time to recover from incidents
  • Lower change failure rate.

Avocado’s approach to DevOps

Avocado has a dedicated DevOps Practice founded on the concept of collaboration and automation. We utilise DevOps principles for development, integration, and management of software assets. We empower clients to realise the benefits of increased speed and improved quality to deliver fast, safe and secure.

IT Maturity Assessment

Centred on agile principles and collaborative practices, Avocado’s comprehensive fixed-price Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment begins by looking at your current capabilities across five core drivers of success. We then develop your tailored roadmap for continued evolution. To get started, take our Mini Assessment to get an understanding of your maturity in under 5mins.


Tailored Approach

We ensure customer experience is at the centre of what we do.

Working across all stages of the DevOps journey to streamline deployments, automate continuous testing, gain efficiencies and optimise speed to market.

Providing specialist talent specific to your project needs.

Agility and Adaptability

Our consultants integrate well into teams of varying DevOps maturity and skillsets. They can also teach and instruct in house team to become self-sufficient. Avocado’s pragmatic engagement model establishes greenfield teams and uplifts existing delivery and DevOps capabilities.

Providing value through streamlining deployments, reducing costs, and optimising delivery.

Breadth of Capabilities

Our dedicated DevOps Practice has a wealth of knowledge and experience with industry specific subject matter expertise.

DevOps, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Innovative IP

Avocado has proven frameworks based on real-world implementations that have been tried and tested. Don’t start from scratch, leverage our IP and get a running start.


Our accredited partner ecosystem includes Gartner quadrant leaders such as Dynatrace, Splunk, Red Hat and Pager Duty.

Diverse range of industries

With a strong track record across multiple industries and a tailored approach to our work, Avocado hand-select the DevOps engineers that will best understand your organisation and the industry in which you operate.

DevOps, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

The outcome of better software product and successful implementations is enhanced customer experience, greater shareholder value, and mitigating the threat of competitive displacement.

Our DevOp and Delivery Services

While creating efficiencies with cloud and automation make up part of DevOps, highly evolved firms must also consider the interconnectivity of human-centred approaches and a platform model. Avocado has a full-service suite to support your DevOps journey. Our DevOps team collaborate across disciplines including security (DevSecOps), testing (quality assurance), monitoring and change management to enhance your business capabilities.

Automation and Orchestration

Automating repetitive tasks allows your teams to be strategic and innovate faster. Automation and orchestration support DevOps by streamlining and optimising frequently occurring processes and workflows, allowing teams to deploy more quickly. Our teams help you automate workflows and start delivering value to other teams via self-service functionality. Your Devops infrastructure also plays a critical role in your end-product and makes up an important element of your pipeline. Avocado help you select the right tools including repository tools, automation tools, Dev tools to track release management, cloud native tools and containerisation tools. Read more about automation and orchestration and DeVop tools.

SOAR - Security Orchestration Automation Response

SOAR – Security Orchestration Automation Response is a stack of compatible software programs that enable organisations to gather their data about security threats and respond to security events without human assistance.

Avocado can help orchestrate security workflows with Splunk Security Orchestration and Response.

Allowing you to become more proactive in your security setup with seamless integration of an end-to-end platform.

Monitoring and Observability

Monitoring is an essential component of Devops as it is the primary way to get feedback on a release and feeds into the priorities of the next release. Organisations who take steps to introduce a platform model within their organisation will accelerate their DevOps journey.

A platform model includes monitoring and observability of internal platforms by engineers – enabling developers to access authentication, container orchestration, and service-to-service authentication, tracing and observability, and logging request services via self-service.


Software Testing

Avocado is an expert across all facets of test planning, execution, and automation. Our governance ensures smooth delivery that aligns with real-world needs.

We offer full scope testing services including Quality Assurance (QA), test automation and continuous testing.

DevOps, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Project Delivery and Governance

Today, the product lifecycle starts with delivery – with a focus on culture, communication, good governance, ability to deliver quickly and having the right infrastructure and technical expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

Our project and governance team are a critical guide throughout the lifecycle.


Security/ DevSecOps

Security is a critical element in the evolution of DevOps and must be considered at the beginning of the software development lifecycle. Avocado helps you ensure good security practices and better security outcomes are enabled in your DevOps practices.

Find out more about Avocado’s security practice/DevSecOps.


Change Management

Avocado provides end-to-end change consulting to deliver organisational, technology, and cultural change. Our change management services include change management strategies, change readiness assessments, communication and training plans, redesigning business and technical processes and business model alignment.


Optimise your IT processes

Avocado consultants have years of experience helping clients optimise their IT processes through applying DevOps principles, agile coaching, performance management, monitoring and data intelligence. To talk to one of our Solution Managers about how DevOps can help you deliver with certainty.

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