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Customer experience, shareholder value, and the threat of competitive displacement is driving Australian businesses to adopt DevOps.

Founded on the concept of collaboration and automation, Avocado empowers clients to realise the benefits of increased speed and improved quality to deliver quickly and safely.

2019, Accelerate of DevOps Report, DORA


More frequent code deployments.
Faster lead time from commit to deploy.
Faster time to recover from incidents.
Lower change failure rate.

Driving a technical and cultural shift

Dedicated DevOps Practice

Avocado has a dedicated DevOps Practice with proven frameworks based on real-world implementations. Avocado works across all stages of the DevOps journey to streamline deployments, automate continuous testing, gain efficiencies and optimise speed to market.

DevOps, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Avocado’s pragmatic engagement model establishes greenfield teams and uplifts existing delivery and DevOps capabilities. Providing value through streamlining deployments, reducing costs, and optimising delivery, we ensure customer experience is at the centre of what we do.

Diverse range of industries

With a strong track record across multiple industries and a tailored approach to our work, Avocado hand-select the DevOps engineers that will best understand your organisation and the industry in which you operate.

Why Accelerate with Avocado?


Our accredited partner ecosystem includes Gartner quadrant leaders such as Dynatrace, Splunk, Red Hat and Pager Duty.

Tailored Approach

We provide specialist talent specific to your project needs.

The Breadth of Capabilities

Our dedicated DevOps Practice has a wealth of knowledge and experience with industry specific subject matter expertise.

Innovative IP

Avocado has proprietary IP that has been tried and tested on real-world projects. Don’t start from scratch, leverage our IP and get a running start.

Agility and Adaptability

Our consultants integrate well into teams of varying DevOps maturity and skillsets. They can also teach and instruct inhouse team to become self-sufficient.

Avocado’s Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment

Centred on agile principles and collaborative practices, Avocado’s comprehensive fixed-price Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment looks at your current capabilities across five core drivers of success. We then develop your tailored roadmap for continued evolution.

Take our Mini Assessment to get an understanding of your maturity in under 5mins.

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5 Core drivers of our Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment

Culture and Process
DevOps, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Delivery and DevOps Maturity Assessment

Understand your DevOps maturity level and develop a roadmap to reach your goals.