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Airlock Digital

Airlock Digital is a global cybersecurity company founded in Australia that delivers system-wide allowlisting and execution control.


Rapid, Scalable Allowlisting and Execution Control

Allowlisting, or ‘whitelisting’ is a core cybersecurity essential to protect sensitive data. The software creates a whitelist of trusted application files that can run on a device, thereby ensuring that only approved programs can execute. This approach is known as application whitelisting and is widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to protect against malware and other cyber threats.

Avocado is an Airlock Digital implementation partner, strengthen your cybersecurity today with Avocado and Airlock Digital:

  • Airlock Digital’s flagship product, Airlock Application Allowlisting, is a powerful endpoint protection solution that prevents unauthorised software from executing on a computer or network. It stops targeted file-based attacks and makes it easy and achievable to run an effective, at-scale allowlisting and host hardening program.
  • Avocado is a certified Airlock Digital partner, capable of implementing Airlock Digital’s allowlisting integration / operation / and, process and policy development.
  • Avocado provides advice on whether allowlisting is appropriate for your business needs, while ensuring your allowlisting software doesn’t obstruct the efficiency and flow of your technology operations.

Avocado and Airlock Digital

Avocado is an Airlock Digital partner. Allowlisting requires careful implementation and proper ongoing administration. As an Airlock Digital partner, we offer a full range of Airlock Digital-related services, including consultancy, implementation, automation, management, and optimisation.

We pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading platform security solutions to our clients.

Avocado’s Digital and Cloud Solution team are trained in Airlock Digital’s endpoint protection platform. Our team will not only scope, provision and configure Airlock’s allowlisting platform but will use our expertise to help you to build the governance framework and the operational model you need to ensure that your Airlock solution is compliant with your chosen Cyber Security Framework. Post implementation Avocado will continue to manage, maintain, and support your Airlock solution via our Managed Services with a flexible range of service options.

Ongoing management of your Airlock platform is essential to maintain governance standards. Avocado offers a range of flexible options that can be delivered as Managed Services. These start from a simple pre-purchased bucket of days that you can draw down upon as required through to a fully managed platform complete with dedicated resources and regular reports. Avocado consultants are fully trained in configuration and management of the Airlock platform and can perform ongoing onboarding as part of the service.

Avocado Consulting & Airlock Digital
Airlock Digital, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

What we solve

We support enterprise-level cyber resilience and data protection by offering innovative technology solutions responsive to the mobilisation of devices, and pervading data sharing (such as cloud spaces).

Avocado provides professional services to make sure you get the most out of your Airlock Digital platform. Avocado helps you provision, configure and maintain monitoring solutions on the Airlock Digital platform. Our expertise extends to deploying, testing, and embedding monitoring solutions in both greenfield and existing environments.


Our team are industry-certified consultants that are experts at managing complex technical environments, we:

  • Integrate with other platforms such as Splunk to enhance detection of potentially risky behaviour.
  • Continually refine allowlisting rules to prevent false
  • Continually refine and improve on cybersecurity practices and best practice for Cyber tools.
  • Prevent false negatives by maintaining a referrable list of Approved Applications for allowlisting, which can be seen by required stakeholders at any time.
  • Assist with Airlock Digital software releases and upgrades.
  • Provide a strong governance and operational management capability under a ‘follow the sun’ model for the provision of Managed Services.

Airlock Digital Consultation

With Avocado, you get certainty that your investment in Airlock Digital is optimised. Ask Avocado about a consultation today.

Airlock Digital, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Use cases

Get the most of Airlock Digital with Avocado. Our experienced consultants support companies in improving and protecting operations throughout your IT ecosystem.

How Avocado optimises Airlock Digital implementation

Stops targeted attacks and makes it easy and achievable to run an effective at-scale allowlist and host hardening program. Ask Avocado about an Airlock Digital consultation today, it is:

  • Simplified usage: built to make allowlisting manageable and scalable within complex environments.
  • Lightweight: Minimal effects on Windows, Linux and macOS resources
  • Secure & Compliant: compliant with multiple security networks, and effective endpoint security
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