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AWS & Azure

Amazon’s WAS and Microsoft’s Azure are world-leading providers of cloud infrastructure.


Reaching your goals in the cloud

Hyperscalers AWS and Azure offer companies seamless, endlessly scalable cloud infrastructure.

  • Avocado assists companies reach their cloud goals and optimise investments in cloud infrastructure.
  • Companies can leverage the solutions to build out their optimal cloud performance.

Avocado and AWS and Azure

Avocado is an accredited AWS and Azure consultant. As your partner, we provide clients with a combination of a local presence and global understanding of the possibilities that hyperscale cloud provides.

Advance your digital performance and navigate the rich ecosystems of solutions and add-ons that surround AWS and Azure with our licensed advisors.

Take advantage of secure storage, powerful compute resources, and integrated data analytics to support cloud-powered, distributed, connected applications and devices.

AWS & Azure, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty
AWS & Azure, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

What we solve

Avocado, AWS, and Azure offer a combination of digital expertise and experience, top class hyperscale cloud solutions and a burgeoning ecosystem of solutions.

Together we can help you with innovation, scaling, accelerating your cloud capabilities and much more. Read more about our cloud services.


Our solutions covers a wide array of areas, including:

  • Cloud integration: Get a holistic assessment of cloud systems that covers your entire enterprise. Augment your digital journey through multi-vector analysis and implementation of tailored solutions covering all aspects of AWS and Azure.
  • Infrastructure optimisation: Grasp the advantages of scaling fluidly and optimising cost-savings across cloud environments. Get the compute performance and service delivery that is the foundation for future success in our digital age.
  • Cloud ecosystem development: Access rich ecosystems of solutions. Get the best of end-to-end cloud services through cloud portfolios tailored to where your company is – and where it is heading.

Leverage the cloud for innovation

The combination of Avocado, AWS, and Azure helps businesses leverage the cloud for innovation, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and much more.

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