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Your career journey at Avocado

Avocado is committed to differentiating ourselves in the market by providing an outstanding level of professional service and confidence to our clients. Supporting this, is the alignment of several initiatives including our Leadership and Development program, employee benefits, Reward and Recognition (‘R&R’) Program and other ongoing learning opportunities. It’s our goal to ensure our people are positively contributing to our shared vision and values. The result, is a place where people are inspired to cultivate their professional career while being committed to the successful growth of Avocado. 

Avocado’s Leadership and Development Program

To help support your career progress at Avocado, we offer all our permanent people access to our Leadership and Development Program (LDP). The LDP is designed to provide you with opportunities to develop your non-technical consultant competencies. No matter where you are in your career, the program is intended to be flexible by enabling entry at several points depending on your role, experience, and personal needs.  The program begins with three foundational modules covering topics such as leadership, managing risk, stakeholder management and business development. If you are ready to take control of your career, explore our career opportunities now.

What career support you can expect at Avocado

Practice Manager support

Learn and be guided by your Practice Manager, while receiving constructive feedback.

Learning and development

Access our learning and development program specifically created for your personal career goals.


One-on-one support to enhance your learning, plus a sounding board as you grow.

Project rotation

For graduates, gain valuable insights across projects to help you explore where your interests lie.

Avocado Buddy

A special friend to help you navigate the new world at Avocado.

Interactive workshops

We foster continuous learning so you can stay up-to-date and at the forefront of technology.

Rewards and recognition

An ongoing structured reward program to recognise you and your peers success.

Social Events

Regular social events to catch-up and have fun with your colleagues in a social setting.


Hear what our people have to say about our Leadership and Development Program

The Avocado L&OD Program broadens your mind, providing job-ready skills to use when interacting with various people. It also helps us consider new aspects of our role we may not have before. This program is unlike any other program I've experienced on my career journey. It demonstrates we all have a part to play no matter our role-level or experience, as there is always some aspect of leadership in your day-to-day, especially when working within teams.

Sidney Baroi, Monitoring Consultant

The Avocado Leadership Program incorporates great practical and theoretical training conducted in regular intervals. This allows adequate time to put into action what we have learnt. Through this program I've been able to formulate and implement effective leadership strategies, while also developing the capabilities needed to increase my team’s productivity.

Praveen Dasari, Senior Test Engineer

Undertaking Avocado’s Leadership and Development Program (LDP), I realised that while I may be proficient technically, there were some gaps in my approach when dealing with certain scenarios and difficult situations. Since participating in the program, I have witnessed so much growth in myself because I was able to bridge the gap between my IQ and EQ.

In the past, I have completed adhoc leadership sessions however, I have never been part of a full Leadership program until I came to Avocado.  This course has been important for me both professionally and personally because the key takeaways are applicable across the board.  The LDP gave me the tools required to handle a range of situations. To give an analogy – They are now my knife and fork and I’m ready for whatever is on the menu! LDP have become such an integral part of my everyday life, that I use the same approaches with my kids! I sit them down and say, ‘how can we overcome this?’ and utilise the approaches learned through LDP.

What stands out for me, is the fact that we train all our people inside the team, so we are all equipped with these useful skills and knowledge to communicate effectively which is so important. Being at the same level of knowledge, we can draw on our experiences from the LDP training scenarios and identify an issue as it arises and work together more effectively to overcome it.

In the most recent session, I participated in the maximising teams’ performance. Significantly, learning about unconscious bias was really eye opening. While this is something we all have, recognising that it exists, and what checkpoints we put in place so we can manage our bias is critical. At Avocado we are a diverse team – where everyone has a specialty, everyone contributes and where all viewpoints are heard. For this session, my mentor also participated. It was great to collaborate and share differing viewpoints. We were able to talk through our approaches to certain scenarios and how we address those issues which I found valuable.

Mohamed Chmais – Principal Consultant, Monitoring

“ I started working at Avocado in March 2021 as a project coordinator. Since then, my role has morphed due to growth trajectory happening within Avocado’s Delivery Practice. I have enjoyed and embraced these opportunities at Avocado and subsequently my changing responsibilities. To facilitate the changing nature of my role, I have been able to access Avocado’s Leadership and Development Program which has empowered me to adapt faster and work better.


Through the program I was able to gain insight into how I could personally give valuable feedback to my colleagues and team members, as I learnt how to take a dynamic feedback approach which factors in differing scenarios. The ‘feedback module’ also reiterated how feedback needs to focus on the topic of the feedback rather than the individual. I’m now more aware and alert of the importance of recognising and providing well delivered feedback, both positive and constructive that helps the team grow. I have also enjoyed the social element of this program, especially hearing from my colleagues who have shared their opinions on important topics.”

Rachael Zhou, Project Coordinator.

Ready to embark on a fulfilling career at Avocado? Explore our current opportunities, or make an enquiry.

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