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Application Monitoring

Turn your data into insights and your insights into decisions.


Moving from a reactive, to proactive, to predictive state

Application monitoring – including security monitoring and infrastructure monitoring – provides greater visibility by helping collect information about an application’s performance and usage patterns after deployment.

Machine-generated data holds an abundance of information on critical IT services and applications, security vulnerabilities, and customer behaviour. Having the ability to transform your critical infrastructure data into insights improves your business in four ways: productivity, profitability, competition, and security.

With application monitoring, IT operations, application development and DevOps functions can proactively identify, resolve, or correct any issues. This keeps systems running smoothly and securely 24/7.


Avocado provides business value from your existing data
through our industry-leading solutions

Our Engineering Practice includes a dedicated monitoring team with capabilities, experience and certifications across a broad range of leading technologies.

Our Approach

To grow your organisation’s capability, we work with you to identify your long term strategic needs, key priorities, and capability gaps. This collaborative approach enables us to work with our technology partners to identify and execute a tailored development program.

We work with you to identify:

  • Long Term Strategic Needs
  • Key Priorities
  • Capability Gaps

Unlock your data

Talk to us about how you can dig deep into your data to uncover rich intelligence to drive your business forward.


Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the best technology providers to ensure we can deliver the right solutions for you. As a tool-agnostic organisation, we spend time understanding your organisation so we can ensure we have chosen the best solutions to achieve your objectives.

Avocado’s Splunk Practice

Avocado’s industry-leading solutions utilise Gartner quadrant leader Splunk to answer business intelligence questions.

Splunk is a real-time, multi-tenant monitoring platform that increases visibility and unlocks data across all business areas to support decision-making.

Avocado has a dedicated Splunk team within our Engineering practice that holds the capabilities, experience, and certifications across a broad range of Splunk solutions.

Application Monitoring, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Supporting your Splunk Environment

Avocado is a Splunk Managed Service Provider, offering a range of support options to optimise your Spunk environment. Our Splunk-certified experts provide ongoing support to enhance your environment and adopt best practices to maximise your investment.

  • On Call 24 x7 Premium Support
  • Flexible support options to suite your organisation
  • Planning, SLAs and KPI Reporting Options
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