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ROI Improvements

Maximise the value of your application monitoring, observability and security.


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If ‘data is the new gold’, then monitoring platforms are the mining tools helping your organisation strike gold.

For IT teams who have invested in monitoring tools, proving their value is critical. The good news is that monitoring tools have the power to bring substantial Return on Investment (ROI) benefits the key is knowing how to unlock their value.  

  • According to a Forrester Consulting report on the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Dynatrace® platform, automatic and intelligent observability can provide a 274% return on investment over three years, with other benefits such as faster software innovation, continuously improved user experiences, and increased operational efficiency.
  • Research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), in partnership with Splunk > Global Research Survey confirms this, finding organisations with mature data strategies can dramatically improve bottom-line outcomes.  

So, how do you make quality ROI improvements to maximise your monitoring tools value?  By bringing in accredited professionals, such as Avocado Consulting to assess how you are using your tools and areas for improvement. 


Our Approach to ROI improvements

In Avocado’s experience, many organisations are using their application and security monitoring and observability tools as point solutions to solve isolated issues. However, to obtain a better return on investment you need to use the same data to fulfill more than one use case within your organisation.  Our Monitoring team can help you identify the critical areas for improvement by prioritising the key priority areas for your business – whether it be clients, employees, or partners.  

At Avocado we always start with the use case. We will help you identify new monitoring and security use cases that could be fulfilled using your existing data and tools. Avocado will plan and prioritise these new use cases based on your business goals and produce a timeline with clear milestones so that we can deliver with certainty of an improved ROI.

Some of the issues we will assess to ensure ROI: 

High value use cases

We ensure you are leveraging high value use cases such as those for cyber security and governance are used across all aspects of monitored systems   

Platform integrations

We assess if your platforms are integrated with other key business systems and that those integrations are continually maintained 

Industry best practice

We check if you are following industry best-practice by leveraging the knowledge of Avocado’s industry certified professionals. 

New features

Our experts have current knowledge on new updates and features. We ensure all monitoring platforms are uptodate to leverage any new features. 

Multiple use cases

If your monitoring platform isn’t solving more than one business problem, you likely aren’t getting good value. We ensure you are using on boarded data for more than an individual use case. 

Our ROI Improvement Services

Avocado ROI Improvement services focus on core business areas including IT operations and security. 

IT Operations

Our team can help you assess how best your IT operations and security teams can utilise your platforms more effectively. This includes areas such as: 

  • Reducing manual processes 
  • transitioning from legacy IT operation tools 
  • utilising capacity management to meet changing demands 
  • investigating infrastructure-related incidents proactively.  

We can help you configure actionable alerts, extract business insights effectively and accelerate issue resolution. 

Security and Compliance

Ensuring you detect and manage every threat across your enterprise is a significant challenge, any one of which might have devastating consequences.  

Data and more importantly meaningful data is key to success. If you are not leveraging observability / operations data feeds to enrich threat detection activities on your SIEM / SOAR platform you may be missing an important part of the threat landscape.  

You can improve your security posture which will ensure your brand and reputation (and most importantly, your ROI) with: 

  • Event management investigation 
  • Vulnerability scanning tools 
  • Setting up a variety of server and end-point protection logs 
  • Integration of threat intelligence tools. 

Cyber Risk Optimisation

Avocado also offers cyber risk optimisation services. This helps close knowledge gaps, quantify cyber security risk, determine return on investment for cyber security initiatives, and monitor their risk buy-down. 


Optimise your platforms today

Our teams are certified professional in several monitoring tools including Dynatrace and Splunk. We can make sure you get the best return on your investment. Find out more about our ROI improvement services.

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