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Avocado's Dynatrace Managed Service

Dynatrace’s seamless software intelligence based on AI and automation accelerates your digital transformation.


Avocado’s partnership with Dynatrace enables us to offer best-in-class digital performance management technologies so our clients can deliver world-class user experiences

Tailored Approach

Our solutions are tailored so you have the flexibility to design the service to match your requirements.

Flexible Payment Models

Support models to suit your needs including buckets of hours or comprehensive management.

Accredited Monitoring Architects

Our practice has a team of accredited experts that receive on-going training to support best practice delivery.


Tailored training sessions with a wide range of topics that are unique to Avocado and can be delivered in formal and informal sessions.

 24 x 7 support

Here for you at any time, we offer 24 x 7 support to ensure you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Industry Best delivery

Our solutions are designed to enable future independent growth by ensuring essential domain knowledge is retained in your organisation.

Take charge of your Dynatrace Platform

Making sure you are getting maximum value from your Dynatrace platform as well as ensuring it’s up-to-date and secure can be challenging. You may be thinking:

  • Are you keeping up with the pace of new features being delivered by Dynatrace?
  • Is your Dynatrace platform keeping you secure and providing you accurate and timely information?
  • Is your Dynatrace platform aligned with industry best practice?

Unlock value with Avocado and Dynatrace

Avocado works with you to provide a set of support options that ensures you get the best return from your investment. Our team of certified experts ensure your environment follows industry best practice and ensure that the latest features and greatest features from Dynatrace are available to your application teams for deployment.

Whether your Dynatrace is Managed (on-premise), or via SaaS, our managed service will support you in the instrumentation, management, and maintenance of your platform. You have the flexibility to design the service to perfectly match your requirements.

You can either purchase a bucket of days to use as needed throughout the year or engage our fully managed service offering. Our solutions are designed to enable future independent growth by ensuring essential domain knowledge is retained in your organisation.


Avocado's Support Models

Avocado Green Support

This is our bucket of days model, designed to augment your existing team with Avocado certified Dynatrace professionals to support your organisation during business hours.

Avocado Gold Management

This model provides complete management of your Dynatrace platform, with our certified professionals working with you to provide end-to-end management of your environment. Operating either on-site or working remotely, Avocado supports your business and operational needs, including an optional 24x7 on-call service.

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