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Dynatrace’s seamless software intelligence based on AI and automation accelerates your digital transformation.


Deliver an intelligent end-to-end digital experience

Modern cloud done right

Avocado and Dynatrace optimise management and performance across the digital experience for employees and customers to ensure modern cloud is done right.

  • Avocado is proud to have certified Dynatrace consultants, including one of the few Professional Certified consultants in Australia. This makes us the perfect partner to unlock the platform’s full potential.
  • Dynatrace is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. Its AI-powered platform maps and monitors applications, services, containers and infrastructure across your enterprise.
  • Dynatrace can be integrated throughout all cloud network environments and provides automated, preventive problem remediation and digital experience management.

Avocado and Dynatrace

Avocado and Dynatrace share a common goal: to help IT teams find flow and focus on development and growth by supporting the full digital journey from DevOps over operations to business development. Avocado assists clients with unlocking the full value of Dynatrace across business areas, services, and operations.

As a full-accredited Dynatrace solution partner, our experienced, hands-on experts, makes us a perfect collaborator for implementing and optimising Dynatrace’s application performance management,  monitoring and security solutions.

Dynatrace, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Offer best-in-class digital performance management technologies

Avocado’s partnership with Dynatrace enables us to offer best-in-class digital performance management technologies and thereby our clients to deliver world-class user experiences and application and infrastructure monitoring.

Dynatrace, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Unlock value with Avocado and Dynatrace

Avocado supports clients with IT change, including software engineering, architecture, testing and IT operations.

Together with Dynatrace, we offer a range of implementation and optimisation services, including:

  • Application monitoring: Dynatrace offers a unique approach to cloud-native application security, combined with intelligent automation to drive DevSecOps. Get insights and impact in real-time.
  • Network monitoring: Automatic and intelligent observability across IT environments. Features include auto-discovery of hosts, VMs, cloud services, containers and more. AI-powered context creates opportunities to become more proactive with insights and data.
  • CX management: Improve user experiences and return rates with intuitive, efficient digital experience monitoring. Dynatrace delivers across applications and channels including mobile, web, IoT, and APIs.
  • Security monitoring: Runtime analysis, protection. AI-assisted operations and DevSecOps are among the features making Dynetrace a best-in-class choice for security monitoring. Avocado assists with implementation and optimisation, along with security related strategy development.
  • Cloud – strategy migration and optimisation: Support for every step of your cloud journey. Avocado supports strategy, migration, implementation and optimisation of Dynamtrace’s leading cloud management and automation systems.

How Avocado optimises your Dynatrace investments

Dynatrace can help organisations and companies modernise or develop operations with next-gen applications and automated, full-stack observability and data analysis in real-time.

Avocado ensures that you get the optimal results from investments through our thorough, tailored approach that includes:

  • Managed Service: Avocado’s Dynatrace service offers flexible operational management and support from certified experts so you can derive maximum value from your investments.
  • Tailored approach: Designed to match your needs and requirements today – and in future. Multiple Environment Support: Covering all aspects of deployment, management, and maintenance of on-premise or cloud environments.
  • Certified: Our dedicated Dynatrace practice has a team of certified experts that receive ongoing training to support best practice delivery.
  • Embedded: Tailored training sessions to embed knowledge can be delivered in formal and informal sessions.
  • Flexible: We have developed a service tailored to you with multiple payment options designed to fit your organisation.
  • 24×7: Customer services are available for you anytime to ensure you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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