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Avocado's Splunk Managed Service

Operational management and support for your Splunk platforms


Avocado’s Splunk Managed Service offers flexible operational management and support by certified experts so you can you derive maximum value from your Splunk platform.

Tailored Approach

Our solutions are tailored so you have the flexibility to design the service to match your requirements.

Multiple Environment Support

Our services support the deployment, management, and maintenance of on-premise, hybrid or cloud environments.

Certified Splunk Architects

Our dedicated Splunk practice has a team of certified experts that receive on-going training to support best practice delivery.


Tailored training sessions with a wide range of topics that are unique to Avocado and can be delivered in formal and informal sessions.

Flexible Delivery Options

With multiple payment options designed to fit your organisation, we have developed a service tailored around you.

Support Hours

Here for you at any time, we offer 24 x 7 support to ensure you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Avocado is a long-standing, fully accredited Splunk Elite Partner – certified to ‘sell’ and ‘manage’ Splunk. This allows Avocado to assist clients with professional, capabilities and Licenses and one of the few Australian consultancies to be able to provide Splunk Managed Services.

Splunk Managed Service, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty
Splunk Managed Service, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

You’ve invested in Splunk, but are you getting the most value?

Splunk is a significant investment that offers a competitive edge for enterprise by harnessing the power of your organisation’s data. If you’ve invested in a Splunk platform, you want confidence you are getting maximum value every day, without incurring additional capital expenditure, or significant operational costs.

To get the most value you need focus on your Splunk environment to ensure:

  • Your Splunk infrastructure is appropriately upgraded, patched and secure
  • Splunk is integrated with other key business systems and that those integrations are continually maintained
  • You are following industry best-practice
  • You are using on boarded data for more than an individual use case
  • You have the knowledge of certified professionals who understand your organisation’s unique data.

In Avocado’s experience businesses are not getting the most out of their investment because Splunk platforms aren’t managed and supported in these key areas.

That’s because company’s struggle with ongoing organisational knowledge retention and availability of Splunk certified professionals – who are typically expensive and in high-demand, impacting costs to support their platform. With an Avocado Splunk Managed Service, you get certified experts and industry-best practice to the management of your platform to keep your environment secure, while ensuring your organisational knowledge is retained to ensure your business continuity.

How can an Avocado Splunk Managed Service help?

With an Avocado Splunk Managed Service, we ensure you maximise the value of your investment. Our solutions are designed to support your business needs while enabling future independent growth through transfer and retention of essential domain knowledge.

As a Splunk Premier Partner for Managed Services badge, we are one of the few providers with the skills to provide the following solutions:

  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption
  • Cloud and Data Migration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Operations Management
  • Service Provider
  • Solution Management And Services

We understand that business face continuous change and mounting cost pressures. That’s why, we offer flexible Splunk Managed Service models. The types of services we can offer depending on your chosen support model are:

  • Efficient and stable on boarding of data sources
  • Platform support in the cloud, on premise and for hybrid solutions
  • Customised training
  • Reporting
  • Enterprise level management
  • Change management
  • Support for integrations
  • Architecture, planning and disaster recovery
  • Platform upgrades.

Want to know how else you can get maximum value from your Splunk platform?

If your Splunk platform isn’t solving more than one business problem you may be losing revenue. In Avocado’s experience most organisation’s are using Splunk to solve single issues. However, to obtain a better return on investment you need to use the same data to fulfill more than one use case within your organisation. Use our online Splunk ROI calculator for a personalised assessment to see where you could be extracting more value from your Splunk platform.

Avocado's Support Models

Avocado Green Support

This is our bucket of days model, designed to augment your existing team with Avocado certified Splunk professionals to support your organisation during business hours.

Avocado Gold Management

This model provides complete management of your Splunk platform, with our certified professionals working with you to provide end-to-end management of your environment. Operating either on-site or working remotely, Avocado supports your business and operational needs, including an optional 24x7 on-call service.

Avocado is a proud Splunk> Partner. To take a deeper look into our Splunk Managed Service offerings and support model inclusions, contact our team.

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