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Red Hat

Red Hat is an industry-leading provider of enterprise-level open source IT solutions.


Open the technology stack to thrive

Red Hat’s an open source technology and solutions provides a power boost to companies across the technology stack.

  • Release the full potential of Red Hat with Avocado.

Avocado and Red Hat

Avocado is an experienced consultancy leader in open source strategy, deployment, and optimisation. We have a longstanding partnership with Red Hat and are experts in assisting companies and organisations getting the best out of Red Hat solutions and drive fundamental digital change.

We combine technology know-how with deep industry expertise and consulting experience to help take your company’s IT setup to the next level. Our services extend across the entire portfolio of Red Hat services and solutions.

Red Hat, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Integrations with other critical business systems

With Avocado, you get certainty that your Red Hat infrastructure is appropriately upgraded, patched and secure. We also assist you with integrations with other critical business systems.

Red Hat, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Use cases

Red Hat solutions function across all aspects of your infrastructure. Become part of the future of computing with open source solutions covering areas such as:

  • Infrastructure: Manage IT infrastructure across public or private, scaled or contained cloud infrastructure.
  • Applications: Gain access to greater development speed and safety that are vital to competitive advantages in the digital era.
  • Network: Software-defined networking and industry-leading networking solutions.
  • Containers: Off-the-shelf solutions for containers and microservices for accelerated deployment without delays or added complexity.
  • Security: Develop, deploy, and run cloud-native applications safely and efficiently – anywhere.
  • Cloud: Accelerate your digital transformation with a fully covering cloud stack.

How Avocado optimises Red Hat outcomes

Avocado’s Red Hat-related offerings provide our clients with ease of mind that their investments are being addressed. Our approach is based on core qualities, such as:

  • Tailored approach: Designed to match your needs and requirements today – and in future. Multiple Environment Support: Covering all aspects of deployment, management, and maintenance of on-premise, hybrid or cloud environments.
  • Certified: Our dedicated practice has a team of certified experts that receive ongoing training to support best practice delivery.
  • Embedded: Tailored training sessions embed your knowledge, delivered in formal and informal sessions.
  • Flexible: We have developed a service tailored to you with multiple payment options designed to fit your organisation.
  • 24×7: Customer services are available for you anytime to ensure you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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