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A range of tools to help you on your change journey

At Avocado, we understand that change can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to be.

To help you on your change journey, we have created useful tools – whether it is to assess the maturity of your organisation’s delivery and DevOps or see how you can maximise your return on investment for your Splunk platform – to provide some guidance on your next steps.

ROI calculator for your Splunk platform

The Splunk platform unlocks a wealth of data across the business but are you getting maximum value from your investment?

Avocado have developed an online Splunk ROI Calculator that indicates how well you are utilising your platform and tips on gaining more value from your current investment.

If not utilised correctly, it is an expensive tool, but when leveraged to its full potential, it is very cost-effective. Check it out to see if you could be better leveraging your platform.

At Avocado, we have a dedicated Splunk practice with one of the most qualified and experienced teams in Australia. Contact our team to help you realise the full capability of their current Splunk product set including premium apps.

Tools, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Delivery and DevOps Assessment

Avocado have developed a tool which gives you an indication of your IT Delivery maturity in under five minutes.

This mini delivery and DevOps tool assesses your capabilities across five core drivers of IT including: Culture and process, collaboration, delivery, measurement and technology and includes a roadmap to implement our recommendations.


If you would like to learn more about our full Delivery and DevOps assessment, reach out to our team.

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