About Us

Delivering complex and challenging IT solutions.

Avocado Consulting is focused on delivering IT change and transformation for Australia’s largest companies and Government agencies. With an extensive history of delivering high profile solutions, we provide you with:

Subject Matter Experts
Trusted Advice
Advanced Tools and Technology
About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty

Our IT Services

Avocado offers IT services across the entire delivery pipeline and across every stage of the project lifecycle.

Through leveraging our Partner’s technologies, Avocado provides end-to-end IT solutions to solve your most complex business challenges.


Our Clients

Avocado has a strong reputation for delivering complex and challenging IT Services to Australia’s leading organisations.

Our experience spans across a diverse range of industries including:

  • Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Government

In addition to the work we do with our enterprise clients, we use our experience to guide a number of technology start-ups, to build unique applications and platforms for the future.

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty

Our Vendor Partners

Our strategic partnerships with Gartner Quadrant leaders ensures we can deliver the right solutions for you.

Where To Find Us

We have approximately 200 specialist IT consultants across Australia, supporting you on your digital transformation journey.

  • Headquartered in the heart of the Sydney CBD
  • Offices located in Melbourne CBD

Our Team

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty

Gerardo Barranquero

Gerardo has more than 25 years IT experience, starting out in the Financial Services and Telecommunications industries at some of Australasia’s biggest companies.

Gerardo leads Avocado in delivering the business strategy and supporting key client relationships. He works closely with his leadership team to drive business development, consultant development and practice management. He is proud of the strong growth and reputation that Avocado has achieved and firmly believes it is a reflection of the company’s culture of repeat business instilled in a pool of very talented Avocado consultants.

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty
Head of Service Delivery

Tony Rabottini

Tony has over 25 years’ experience in technology and has been with Avocado for over 15 years.
Commencing his consulting career within quality assurance, Tony later took on business leadership and management roles. He has consulted across a variety of industries including Investment and Wealth Management, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Government.
Tony is experienced in strategy, organisational change, management and delivery of complex IT transformation and business change. He is involved in management consulting, business and strategic development, client management, and operational leadership and management.
About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty
General Manager, Business Technology Solutions

Zana Stojanovski

Zana has over 13 years’ experience in managing and delivering projects. After working as a consultant at Avocado for nine years, last year she joined the operations team to manage the Southern Region.

With experience across business and IT initiatives, Zana delivers large and complex strategic programs of work. Her career commenced in change management and evolved into testing, analysis, project and program management roles.

At Avocado, Zana is involved in consultant care, business development, delivery of quality assurance, client relationship management and operational leadership.

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty


About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty
Principal Consultant

Terry Doherty

Terry has been an IT professional for more than 30 years and has held a number of senior management roles covering both day-to-day line management and operational delivery.

Since 1997, Terry has been consulting as a Senior Test Manager and has worked across a wide range of applications, environments and industries.

Terry established Avocado Consulting with Gerardo Barranquero and has contributed his vast knowledge and expertise to assist in growing the organisation over this time.

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty
Service Delivery Manager

Eugenio Papa

Eugenio has over 20 years’ experience in both the Business and IT industries primarily in Financial Services and Government.

He has worked across various industries and in several countries. Eugenio has been involved and also managed many large programs and projects including large scale Business and IT transformations.

Eugenio is a Service Delivery Manager at Avocado Consulting. He is involved in business development, delivery of consulting services, client relationship management, consultant care and operational leadership.

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty
Principal Consultant Client Delivery

John Brandon

John is a highly successful IT manager with over 30 years’ experience across a number of industries including oil and gas, finance, gaming, transport, government and health.

John started his career as a developer and now has a proven track record of leading departments and projects in order to achieve strategic outcomes for his clients.

With a global in-depth experience of complex IT projects working all over the world, John has an in-depth knowledge of all aspect leading to successful project delivery.

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With a focus on content marketing, her experience includes event and campaign management, email automation and coordination of social media platforms for global B2B organisations.

With a BA (hons) in Business and Management, Catherine joined Avocado in 2016 to coordinate the Avocado brand and client engagement activities.

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Manager, People and Culture

Tahlana Hackett

Tahlana manages the shared administration services across the various departments of the business including Human Resources and Recruitment, Finance and Payroll, Operations, Client Services and IT support.

Tahlana is responsible for facilitating the smooth running of operations on a day-to-day basis, and the effective flow of information between all key stakeholders.

Delivering high operational competence and service quality whilst supporting the delivery of key business strategies and operational priorities, Tahlana is focused on improving processes and administration efficiencies to support the continued growth of Avocado.

About, Avocado Consulting - Deliver With Certainty


Sue brings a wealth of knowledge in IT communications, web & business analysis along with a Diploma in Business Management.

Sue works part time in our Payroll and Administration department.