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Identity Security

Modern Privilege Access Management and Secrets Management 


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Protect and secure your identities across the entire organisation

Cloud migration and digital transformation are now commonplace in the strategies of many enterprises. The imperative role of the cloud in propelling growth, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring competitiveness has led to the widespread development of applications directly within cloud environments by most companies.

Identity security challenges increase substantially when organisations scale digital transformation and cloud adoption, these include:

  • Misalignment between Development and Security teams 
  • Unprotected secrets in applications, scripts, DevOps tools and software supply chain 
  • Scale and breadth of application types across enterprise make securing them difficult 
  • Vault sprawl preventing security teams from centrally managing credentials 
  • Improper storage and rotation of credentials or secrets 
  • Weak access control leading to unauthorised system access to sensitive information 
  • Insufficient audit mechanisms for monitoring and controlling secret usage. 

Avocado provides leading solutions in cyber security, IT delivery and change with certified consultants to enhance identity security and bolster overall cybersecurity. Explore our solutions


Our Identity Security Solutions

Avocado’s solutions provide a comprehensive approach to Identity Security, combining strategic planning, technical expertise, and hands-on implementation based on industry standards and best practice 

Safeguard digital identities, mitigate risks, and ensure resilient protection against evolving cyber threats with strategy and advisory. 

Strategy and Architecture

DevSecOps Maturity Assessment

Undertaking a DevSecOps Maturity Assessment aligns development, security, and operations practices for continuous integration and delivery to enhance organisational security posture.

Modern Identity Security Strategy

Strengthening organisational security with a state-of-the-art Modern Identity Security Strategy protects and secures access management, ideal for greenfield programs or customers looking to redefine their Identity program. 

Comprehensive Roadmap

Developing a comprehensive Identity Security Roadmap guides organisations in the strategic deployment and alignment of an existing identity management solutions for enhanced cybersecurity and risk mitigation.  

Engineering and Deployment

SaaS and Self Hosted Platform Deployment

Delivering versatile Identity Security solutions with seamless deployment options, supporting both SaaS and Self-Hosted models for tailored security strategies. 

Privilege Accounts Onboarding and Management

Streamlining privilege accounts onboarding and management through automated processes, ensuring efficient and secure access control within organisational environments. 

Securing Workload Identities Across Complex Environment

Elevating security standards by safeguarding workload identities across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environment.  

DevSecOps and Agile Implementation

Integrating DevSecOps principles with advanced Identity Security measures to establish a unified and proactive defense, ensuring secure and agile development practices.

Enable seamless and secure digital experiences through expert Identity Security Engineering and Implementation for a resilient and strong cyber defense. 

Ensure continuous protection with Identity Security Optimisation and Managed Services that elevate your cyber posture leveraging Avocado intellectual property and service management.

Optimisation and Continuous Delivery

Privilege Access and Secrets Managed Services

Enhance organisational resilience with our Identity Security Managed Services utilising streamlined access controls, and continuous monitoring for a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

Our Approach to Identity Security Solutions

At Avocado, we inject Security in our Delivery and DevOps Framework using 5 key drivers to ensure a secure customer experience. 

Redefine your Identity Security

Build a tailored Identity Security blueprint with a comprehensive deployment strategy 

Proven Frameworks

Leverage industry best practices and our own proven frameworks/methodologies  

Secure all Identities

A unified and risk-aware platform for all identities on any workloads


Automate discovery of privilege accounts with single pane of glass to enforce security policies


Implement security controls that extends to modern applications and infrastructure 


Secured sessions and activities for monitoring, identifying risks and to satisfy audit compliance

Our Identity Security Partner Ecosystem

Our approach is technology independent and tailored to your needs. Avocado supports your change through the delivery of end-to-end technology services through partnerships with premier technology suppliers to solve your challenges.

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