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Splunk Admin Ninja App & Add-On

Turn your data into insights and your insights into decisions.


Making your Splunk admin life easier!

Splunk environments are growing at a pace never seen, whether they be Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. With the growing Splunk environments and dozens of unique use-cases that are requested by clients every week, often it can be too much information to handle.  

With this in mind, Avocado Consulting is proud to have created a Splunk Admin Ninja Technical Add-on & App, developed by our Splunk Consultant Raymond McCullagh. 

The Admin Ninja app assists by allowing Splunk Admins Ninjas the ability to monitor and understand their environments better than ever, without needing to consult 50 As-Built or Solution Design Documents to do so. 

This app was developed to assist Splunkers in avoiding manual tasks, gain more visibility, enhance security and auditing, and give your decision makers a complete understanding of how your Splunk environments is giving them a Return on Investment. 

This app is currently available on Splunkbase, found below:

About the Admin Ninja App

As a Splunk technology partner, we understand that Splunk environments can be complex and large in both Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud – making the process of administering Splunk can be challenging. We created this app to overcome these challenges and make Splunk Admin life easier. We are excited to be sharing this with the Splunk community. 

When it comes to your Splunk environment, do you struggle with the following: 

  • Not knowing where apps / add-ons are installed where? 
  • Not having complete visibility of where your data coming from? 
  • Needing to migrate to a new solution? And, needing to understand how many Dashboards or Saved searches or Datamodels currently use this data? 
  • What access your admins and non-admins have access across your environment? 

If you answered yes, then the Admin Ninja app is for you! 

How does it work?

The Admin Ninja TA ingests data about the various Splunk components in your environment, so they can be remotely audited, viewed and tracked in the Admin Ninja Search Head App. This app can be installed across your environment for each instance of Splunk you want to monitor – such as users, authentication tokens, applications and search knowledge objects, to name a few. 

It does this by performing a series of REST API calls to the Splunk instance(s) it’s installed on and indexing this data for searching/auditing later. 

As there are many REST API endpoints in the Splunk REST interface, it can pull many types of data such as: 

  • Dashboards 
  • Deployment Server classes/clients 
  • Alerts & Reports 
  • and more! 

Admin Ninja documenation

If you want further information about the app, including an overview, set-up and recommendations for the app and add-on, you can find it here. 

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Avocado’s Splunk Practice

Avocado’s industry-leading solutions utilise Gartner quadrant leader Splunk to answer business intelligence questions. Splunk is a real-time, multi-tenant monitoring platform that increases visibility and unlocks data across all business areas to support decision-making. Avocado has a dedicated Splunk team within our Digital and Cloud Solutions practice that holds the capabilities, experience, and certifications across a broad range of Splunk solutions.

Splunk Admin Ninja App & Add-On, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Supporting your Splunk Environment

Avocado is a Splunk Managed Service Provider, offering a range of support options to optimise your Spunk environment. Our Splunk-certified experts provide ongoing support to enhance your environment and adopt best practices to maximise your investment.

  • On Call 24 x7 Premium Support
  • Flexible support options to suit your organisation
  • Planning, SLAs and KPI Reporting Options
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