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MyRISK® is an Australian data analytics company, focused on cyber security governance, risk and compliance.


Next Generation Governance Risk and Compliance

Enterprise IT is complex and pervasive, and the cyber security threat is increasing. Cyber risk professionals don’t have complete information about assets and threat actors, can’t consistently determine which control improvements to make next, and can’t find resources to make those improvements. That’s where HyperGRC™ from MyRISK® comes in.

  • HyperGRC™ uses machine learning and workflow to close cyber governance and risk knowledge gaps, quantify the risk, determine the most effective next steps to take, and help deliver them.
  • Avocado is a MyRISK® partner capable of project management, dedicated infrastructure design / build / operate, custom integration, process development, as well as cyber security professional services leveraging MyRISK® HyperGRC

The HyperGRC™ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is specifically designed for today’s cyber security professionals. The company is an Oracle start-up, and uses a unique data centric architecture, being entirely hosted inside Oracle Autonomous Database technology, alongside Oracle Machine Learning. This allows quick to market adoption of any machine learning cyber governance innovations.


Avocado and MyRISK®

Avocado is an early-stage partner that recognises the transformational impact of MyRISK® HyperGRC™ alongside our other partners, CyberArk and Splunk, in delivering cyber resilience within organisations.

We pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading cyber security services to our clients. We offer a full range of HyperGRC™ services including project management, managed services, implementation, integration, configuration. We also use MyRISK® HyperGRC™ to deliver cyber security consultancy engagements.

MyRisk, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty
MyRisk, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

What we solve

We support enterprise build cyber resilience by closing the gaps in their IT environments to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber-attacks.

In our experience, incomplete, inaccurate, or inconsistent information about IT services and assets can lead to gaps in cyber security protection and monitoring. Similarly, a lack of detailed understanding of threat actors, the constantly changing threat environment, and specific impact scenarios can lead to unrecognised or inaccurately assessed risk.


Once risk is identified, gaining an understanding of control relevance and control effectiveness across a range of IT services and third parties, using multiple competing frameworks and requirements, is resource intensive and time consuming.

Avocado overcomes these cyber barriers by leveraging MyRISK® alongside professional cyber services to close service, asset, and control knowledge gaps; quantify the risk; determine the most effective next steps to take and deliver them.

MyRISK® free trial

With Avocado, you get certainty that your investment in MyRISK® is optimised. Ask Avocado about a free trial today.

MyRisk, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Use cases

Get the best out of MyRISK® with Avocado. Our experienced consultants assist companies in changing and improving operations throughout your IT ecosystem. We help companies direct, monitor and evaluate cyber security initiatives such as:

  • Systems Inventory: Discover, collate, and classify IT services and assets across the enterprise and third parties, to create a single source of truth within MyRISK® to scope protection and monitoring initiatives.
  • Threat and Risk Assessment: Identify likely threat actors and their motivations, define risk scenarios for crown jewels, work with business stakeholders to understand likely impact, and quantify the risk using MyRISK®.
  • Control Assessment: Using MyRISK® identify the controls that are relevant to each cyber security risk scenario and assess the design and operating effectiveness of each of the controls against industry benchmarks. Develop service, supplier, and enterprise cyber security risk profiles.
  • Cyber Roadmap: Calculate the impact of individual control changes and groups of changes on risk, estimate the costs of effort, and calculate the return on investment for individual and aggregate remediation initiatives using MyRISK®. Define the optimal roadmap for changes and produce quantified reports to gain executive support and funding.
  • Cyber Resilience Programs: Establish and resource project teams to research, design, implement and embed the required capabilities and control changes.
  • Risk Buy-down: Periodically monitor the status of tactical and strategic projects and assess the current state of controls using MyRISK®. Quantify the level of risk buy-down achieved by the individual projects and overall cyber resilience program, and re-plan future changes.

How Avocado optimises MyRISK® implementation

Avocado’s MyRISK® related offerings provide our clients with ease of mind that their implementation is optimised, secure, and cost effective. Our services include:

  • Managed Service: Avocado’s MyRISK® Managed Service offers a design-build-operate MyRISK® installation in a secure and isolated Oracle Cloud or on-premises environment, with flexible CAPEX and OPEX cost control
  • Tailored approach: Avocado can design and build custom workflow processes and integrations to ITIL and Security Operations platforms to create an integrated solution to cyber resilience.
  • Embedded: Avocado consultants can provide implementation resources or provide turn-key MyRISK® installation, including working with business and technical staff to on-board and operationalise IT risk management, cyber security governance and cyber security operational processes.
  • 24×7: Avocado can provide cyber security operational resources as well as MyRISK® support resources to ensure you can deliver cyber security services to internal, contractual or regulatory requirements.
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