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Managed Service

Operational management and support for your platforms.


Managed Service for your platforms addresses your IT skill gaps, mitigates risk and improves business outcomes by giving your teams more time to focus on innovation.

You have the right IT infrastructure, but is it optimised with the right resources to get the best value for today, and the rapidly changing future?
IT teams face increased pressure to stay ahead of changes in the field, placing in-house resource pressures on business to continually upskill their teams so their environments are effectively managed.

To remain competitive, you need experts who understand your IT infrastructure and how best to optimise it to ensure you remain competitive – allowing your teams to focus on innovation to drive your business forward.


Operate through managed services

Leading organisations are rethinking the way their teams operate through managed services, which can be setup for a set of applications, or for your entire environment.

Contact us to book a meeting with Avocado about managing services for your organisation.

Some of the benefits of a managed service include:

  • Onsite, remote, cloud or hybrid support
  • Short-term placements for when your IT teams have extended leave
  • Benefit from additional knowledge and skills in your teams
  • Multiple environment support
  • Training sessions
Managed Service, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Our Approach to Managed Service

Optimise costs, reduce risk, improve productivity and scale when you need to.

Avocado offers an outsourced managed service model that handles the maintenance, enhancements and development of your applications – such as Splunk and Dynatrace – to ensure your system’s performance and stability, while ensuring you are maximising its value through continuous improvement.

At Avocado, our accredited engineers are guided by the ITIL (IT Infrastructure library) service management principles. These aim to deliver maximum value, optimise your resources, and ensure your services are useful and reliable.

Avocado's managed service support models

Avocado Green Support

This is our bucket of days model, designed to augment your existing team with Avocado certified professionals to support your organisation during business hours.

Avocado Gold Management

This model provides complete management of your platforms, with our certified professionals working with you to provide end-to-end management of your environment. Operating either on-site or working remotely, Avocado supports your business and operational needs, including an optional 24×7 on-call service.

Our Managed Services

Splunk Managed Service

With one of the largest Splunk Teams in Australia, Avocado has leading expertise and resources to help you manage your Splunk. Avocado is a Premier Partner with Splunk badges in both ‘sell’ and ‘Manage.’ This makes Avocado certified to assist clients with services, capabilities and Licenses and one of the few Australian consultancies to be able to provide Splunk Managed Services.

Managed Service, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certaintyManaged Service, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty


Dynatrace Managed Service

Avocado is proud to have certified Dynatrace consultants, including one of the few Professional Certified consultants in Australia. This makes us the perfect partner to manage your platform.

Managed Service, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty


Optimise costs, reduce risk, improve productivity and scale

Our approach is to plan clear goals for the management of your infrastructure – providing a personalised scope, solutions and actionable milestones for your managed service.


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