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Cloud Strategy, Migration & Optimisation

Supporting a seamless and secure end-to-end cloud journey.


Evolutionary change to your business

Adopting a cloud-first strategy will bring evolutionary change to your business to provide you with the scalability to meet your growing customers needs.

A cloud, strategy, migration and optimisation plan is critical. Today, the biggest factors impacting cloud transitions are:

  • Business disruption
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Agility to support your evolving business model
  • Data and cyber security

A smooth transition requires expertise in formulating the right strategy. Creating an operation model of the future and a combination of expert roadmap execution while employing the best technology partners.

A cloud journey is more than a ‘lift and shift’ – you need experts who can assist with your cloud strategy, migration and optimisation.


Our approach to cloud strategy, migration and optimisation

At Avocado we support you through every stage of your cloud journey with cloud, strategy, migration and optimisation services.

Our accredited and certified cloud experts have a wealth of industry knowledge ranging from migration to optimisation and are best positioned to advise you on your cloud journey.

Our team can assist with cloud strategy and roadmaps to ensure your cloud strategy supports your evolving business model. We minimise business disruption by leveraging our experienced architects during cloud migration and, we drive transformation of your cloud platform to optimise return of your IT spend and ensure security.

Our partner ecosystem

Ensuring you have the best technologies is critical to a successful cloud journey. At Avocado, we are accredited in leading cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Providing you with confidence in your cloud journey.

Avocado’s cloud migration and optimisation services

Avocado’s cloud migration and optimisation services

Avocado helps organisations adopt a cloud-first strategy to scale and meet the growing needs of customers.

Cloud strategy and road maps

There are multiple cloud offerings in the market. Making the right adoption decision can be a challenge. With specialists spanning across multiple infrastructure environments, we focus on building the best solution for you. All projects begin with a comprehensive analysis of your organisation and current IT architecture.

With proven expertise across private, public, on-premise, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud solutions. Our cloud strategies are designed to support your evolving business model enabling you to grow.

Connect with us to start planning your cloud strategy and road maps.


Cloud implementation and migration services

Moving your applications to the cloud requires experienced architects to ensure a smooth transition. Working in an agile manner, we implement phased rollouts with small iterations to minimise business disruption.

A core part of our migration strategy is using automation through infrastructure-as-code (IAC) to provision and configure your resources rapidly and repeatedly.

Avocado’s Cloud Migration Services

  • Re-host: move your current state asset to the chosen cloud provider, with minimal change to the overall architecture
  • Re-Platform: optimise your existing core architecture of the platform
  • Refactor: re-imagining how the application is architected and developed to add features, scale and improve performance

Cloud optimisation services

Optimisation of your IaaS is essential to realise the true benefit of the cloud. Provisioning of your cloud platform improves efficiency, security, and compliance.

Focussed on driving a return on investment, our consultants leverage leading technologies and automation to ensure your benefits are realised.

Cloud Strategy, Migration & Optimisation, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Support your evolving Business Model

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