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Observability Solutions for critical services and customer facing applications

Case Study

About Our Client 


Our client, a prominent Australian health insurance company headquartered in Perth, specialises in health insurance services for individuals and organisations.


The Challenge

During 2022, the client navigated an increasingly complex economic environment while still progressing its strategy to expand nationally, diversify into health services, and provide a seamless member and provider experience. Underpinning this strategic objective was a technology transformation program which had delivered several capabilities including the client’s app, digital member card, Amazon Web Services Cloud and data platforms, to name a few.   

Furthermore, to enable the transformation journey they required an observability solution to provide best-in-class visibility into critical services and customer facing applications in the future. While the client had a comprehensive plan for the future, the uplift introduced several critical challenges which they engaged Avocado to assist with:  

  • Multiple delays within the Transformation program causing further downstream impacts with time and cost overrun within the business’ operational teams.
  • Internal application teams time poor, further reinforced through above delays, and unable to commit the time required to deliver all transformation targets whilst maintaining regular responsibilities.
  • Complex requirements that span over cross-functional teams, further increasing the complexity of driving outcomes and identifying single accountable owners.
  • No end-to-end visibility of critical customer requests.
  • Limited visibility of internal infrastructure health.

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  • New development & instrumentation  
  • Training services, including bespoke modules, instructor led workshops   
  • General “lights on” maintenance and support including license reviews 


Financial Services



Avocado played a pivotal role in supporting the client's transformative journey, facilitating them through a national brand expansion, the diversification of services into the health sector, and uplift of the member and provider experience.

Our Solution 

As part of the Transformation program, the client selected Dynatrace to provide their Observability solutions. A pilot was established to extend the existing on-premises tenancy to the cloud to support the future state (AWS) cloud platform. The current state architecture included DEV integrations to AWS for website, mobiles and portals, API Endpoints, Salesforce and Civica Ensure.  

Avocado’s approach to support the challenge included several key components: 

  • Shakeout and Uplift of the Platform: This phase involved assessing and uplifting the client’s existing Dynatrace platform to the cloud, ensuring it was robust and aligned with industry best practices. 
  • Configuration and Data Ingestion: Avocado extended the value of Dynatrace with greater data ingestion, enabling a wider range of use cases including minute-level granularity, enriched logs to assist in reducing MTTR, and customised alerting and dashboards that are directly correlated to customer experience.  
  • Data Siloing and Security Hardening: Addressing stringent data siloing and security hardening requirements was a pivotal aspect. Avocado Segregated data into buckets per environment and impact to ensure the security and integrity of health data. 
  • Onboarding Production Environment: Avocado facilitated the smooth onboarding of the client’s production environment onto the Dynatrace platform. Expanding the conventions laid down in lower environments to realise reduced MTTR and greater ops readiness of the platform through observability.  
  • Logs Integration: Avocado’s approach included the integration of log data to complement metrics and traces, providing a holistic view of system performance. 

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Observability solutions for critical services and customer facing apps, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

The Outcome

Delivery of overall Observability solutions are still in progress with current approach being MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in most areas meaning overall operational efficiencies and potential cost save/revenue impacts are not yet determined. 

At this stage, Avocado have been able to provide the client with: 

  • Establishing a unified and clear view of system health across environments, bringing operational dashboards and insights to a single pane of glass allowing greater visibility and collaboration between internal teams through centralised dashboards enabling reduced MTTR.  
  • Visibility of critical infrastructure health and key logs, metrics & traces across lower and higher environments enabling greater monitoring coverage and enhanced troubleshooting ability for support teams (inclusive of alerting). 
  • Enhanced ability to measure application performance and the general health of key customer-facing systems through the implementation of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), inclusive of Real-User Monitoring (RUM) and Synthetics, allowing for greater responsiveness to customer experience.  
  • Adhering to strict data siloing and security hardening requirements in accordance with current legislation to ensure compliance.
  • Overcome delays in transformation program and freed up teams to focus on BAU.
Moving forwards

Avocado is a premier partner to Dynatrace

Avocado is a Dynatrace Partner, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leader in Digital Experience Monitoring. Avocado is one of the few consultancies in Australia to have a certified professional badge. Our highly skilled Engineers leverage Dynatrace to deliver innovative, world-class solutions. By partnering with Dynatrace, we ensure our consultants have the most comprehensive and up to date Dynatrace knowledge to help you adopt best practices and maximise your ROI.

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