Application Performance Monitoring, Customer Experience Monitoring & Business Analytics in the Cloud.

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A global integrated logistics company with 40,000+ employees in more than 50 countries wanted to provide customers with a superior digital experience. With more than 22 CRMs in use from 20 years of acquisitions, a digital transformation was needed. By building a Common Online Platform (COP) they would deliver a single portal for their customers, providing them with a seamless, feature-rich experience. Avocado was engaged to deliver real-time, end-to-end monitoring to ensure the COP provided this superior digital experience.


Our focus was on the end-user experience – designing a solution to meet the client’s requirements. Our approach was to:

  • Interview stakeholders, including project management, operations and business teams, to ensure alignment of goals and objectives
  • Conduct extensive research and analysis enabling planning and solution design
  • Align tools and processes, ensuring everything was automated
  • Recommend best-of-breed tools and delivering an executable plan and roadmap
  • Implement the solution, including training and documentation


Our strategy focused on customer relationships, commerce and sales – delivering an integrated platform to provide a customer-centric experience. Avocado built and deployed a global first, Cloud-based monitoring solution, leveraging best-of-breed tools to help maintain the client’s market leading position.

  • Integration of two industry leading tools – Dynatrace for application performance management and user experience monitoring, and Splunk for operations & business intelligence
  • Live synthetic monitoring providing a 24×7 health overview
  • A full cloud solution, leveraging technology ‘as a service’, allowing costs to scale with use
  • Near real time monitoring and alerting
  • Consolidation and correlation of hundreds of data sources in one system
  • Customer experience monitoring with analytical capabilities for sales, marketing and management teams
  • Log consolidation and management


Our solution has helped the client to monitor, manage and improve outcomes for the COP. It has improved processes enterprise wide, driven efficiencies and reduced the cost of doing business, as well as ensuring a superior digital experience for customers.

Customer First
Real-time monitoring provides insights and transparency over the customer journey, reducing response times and improving the customer experience

Market Optimisation
Effective segmentation and targeting of the customer base, optimising market expenditure and driving increased revenue

Business Intelligence
An open-ended platform leveraging enterprise data to deliver statistical business analysis on live and historical data

Continuous Improvement
Shorter release times provided developers with greater insights into performance, facilitating improved code quality and platform performance

Operational Efficiency
Significantly reduced operations Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Ease of Use
Complexity made SIMPLE! “Easy to learn, easy to use”, a unique combination of modern technologies