Star Trek - customer experienceGerardo Barranguero

By Gerardo Barranquero, CEO

At Avocado, we pride ourselves on partnering with the best technologies to ensure we stand by our promise to help you to deliver with certainty.

Recently, I formally announced our new partnership with the leading big data analytics and intelligence platform, Splunk. When I talk to people about Splunk, I always get asked, “What is Splunk?”. As a multinational corporation, Splunk is huge in the U.S. and it’s certainly raising its profile in Australia.

Breaking down the language barrier

I like to explain the Splunk platform in non-technical terms as its value extends well beyond the IT space to include Sales, Marketing and other Business teams. You all know the value of data, and the best analogy to explain the unique features of this technology is Star Trek.

With thousands of alien species around the galaxy, it is virtually impossible for any human to comprehend, let alone understand all of their languages. The legendary Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock use the Universal Translator device to help them communicate. No matter where they are or what is coming at them, they use it to translate and break down the language barrier. It provides them with the information they need to make informed decisions so they can protect themselves. With the Universal Translator, they don’t need to understand the dialect or how the language is structured. It translates to English so they understand. That is the beauty of Splunk.

With Splunk, you do not need to spend weeks trying to understand the underlying architecture and how it all connects. As long as there is data, you can Splunk it into English. Splunk takes data from almost any source and translates it into information that can be quickly and easily understood by any team, from Marketing and Sales to Operations and Development.

Evolving with the market

For Avocado, when we looked for a partner in this space, there were a lot of contenders and a lot of imitators. However, there was only one company that invests in its people, its platform and is evolving with the market. For us, it was a very simple decision. Splunk was the answer.

Partnering with Splunk is not simple and there is a lot of investment required. All of our consultants receive ongoing training to become certified and keep up-to-date on the latest developments, not to mention the endless conferences around the world to learn from others and share our knowledge and experience. But for us, having that real-time value is crucial so we can deliver for our clients.

Delivering a better customer experience

We live in a fast-changing world, with disruptive technologies appearing constantly. Gone are the days of being reactive or even proactive, we need to be predictive.

We need to understand what is going to affect our customer experience. What is going to make our customer satisfaction remain the highest that it can be.

But don’t just take my word for it, Gartner says “By 2017, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator” and ForresterCustomer experience leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products”.

In the age of the customer – our clients’ success will be measured in terms of the customer experience they provide. They need to be predictive and use real-time data to stay ahead of their competitors. In our opinion Splunk is the game changer that will provide that point of difference.