Meet our new graduates: Jamie Ramos

Hi, my name is Jamie Ramos. I am a Graduate Monitoring Consultant at Avocado with an Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Cyber Security. Meet our monitoring graduates, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

The strengths I bring to this role is my ability to engage and work collaboratively with my team, because I’m motivated to learn and seek feedback from team members. I’m also reliable to work independently as I take initiative to ensure work is delivered with certainty.  

I believe this role is a great learning experience. It gives me an opportunity to network with people and engage with a team of people who are equally as interested in this kind of role. I’m really excited to be working with the Avocado Monitoring team, as they are a wonderful group of people, and individually go out of their way to help the graduates.  

Undertaking the graduate program, I am still looking for my niche but I’m confident Avocado will be able to help me find something that suits me. I chose the monitoring career path because at university I found the monitoring aspects of the degree more enjoyable than the security and architecture aspects of cyber security. For now, I’m keeping an open mind my long-term career plans.  

My advice to any graduates looking to apply for a job at Avocado is, do your research and don’t feel limited to the job description. Avocado has plenty of opportunities, and if the monitoring practice won’t be your lifelong career, Avocado will help you find your place here. Also, if you have a passion for this sector it pays to do self-learning to stand out. I didn’t have much work experience prior to this role. Most of my informal education came from actively participating in university clubs or learning computers the old-fashioned way – sitting myself down with a computer and tinkering!

Graduate intake for our 2023 program opens in October 2022

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Meet our new graduates: Lahari Kalaimalai

Meet our monitoring graduates, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Hi, my name is Lahari Kalaimalai, I am a Graduate Monitoring Consultant at Avocado, with a Bachelor in ICT, majoring in Cyber Security.

I chose the monitoring career path, as it offers a large amount of hands-on experience with enterprise monitoring tools and new technologies. I’ve always wanted my job to be hands-on, different and to challenge me every day – my experience at Avocado so far fits all of the above! As I begin my career journey at Avocado, I am most excited for the amazing opportunity to develop new skills – while also interacting and networking with the team and clients to build strong relationships.  

My urge to continuously learn and adapt would be my greatest strength. These strengths  assist me in developing an understanding the new environment, systems and tools. I intend to utilise my strengths in my new role to ensure that my work is always delivered with certainty.

In the future I hope to pursue my passion in the cyber security pathway, however, I am open to exploring all opportunities that come my way.  Avocado is a very accommodating company, great team culture who make you feel at ease. If you’re a new graduate interested in building your knowledge and skills in the IT industry, Avocado is the way to go!  

Meet our new graduates: Stefanija Tasevski

 Hi, my name is Stefanija Tasevski, I am a Graduate Monitoring Consultant at Avocado, with a Masters in Networking and a Major in Cyber Security. Meet our monitoring graduates, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty 

 I chose the monitoring career path due to my interest in Cyber security, specifically the tracking and monitoring of data – while also enjoying the challenge of difficult tasks and resolving issues. I’m very excited to start a new chapter with the monitoring team where I can build upon my knowledge in the field and enhance my technical skills, with the support of a great team.  

My personal strengths that can be applied to my role is my ability to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, while going above and beyond to ensure all necessary tasks are completed to the highest quality. As I start to learn and explore the IT world, I hope to expand my knowledge through investing extra time and effort to learn from my team members. In the future I’m looking forward to exploring my interest in cyber security. This includes expanding my skillset with Avocado’s partner CyberArk – utilising knowledge and skills I have developed, to ultimately contribute to the future success of the company.   

My advice to any graduates looking to apply at Avocado is, if you’re interested in IT, take the opportunity with both hands as it’s a great place to start your career. If you’re wanting a supportive environment to improve and build upon your knowledge and skills in the industry, Avocado is the right place. 

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