Dynatrace Perform

With the 4th annual Dynatrace Perform fast approaching, Avocado’s Senior Consultant, Raman Jain is packing his bags and venturing across the globe to Las Vegas to discover the latest insights from our Performance Monitoring partner. The four-day Digital Performance Management event is being held from 6 February with the promise of non-stop action with thousands of the world’s leading Dynatrace experts.

This year, Dynatrace has 75 speakers who will share their knowledge on how to build a winning digital performance strategy. Hands-on training, education and certification opportunities will be available. Managing complexity, migrating to cloud, monitoring web chaos – there will be something for everyone.

All aspects of Digital Performance will be covered to help equip attendees with the power that knowledge brings. The popular Performance Café is making an appearance once again this year. Attendees can arrange coffee with a particular speaker or use the Perform App to organise a session with an Application Performance Monitoring Master.

If you are attending, make sure you catch our Cloud partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) session – Analysing Patterns of Success for Large Migrations – held on the main stage. Our Ansible partner RedHat will also be discussing Building Monitoring into your Container Application Environment.

If you are not lucky enough to go jetsetting to Las Vegas for this event, don’t worry. Avocado will keep you updated via our Twitter account and blog so that we can share the latest technological insights with you.