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Anthony Lockstone

By October 5, 2023October 13th, 2023Our People

Meet Anthony Lockstone Principal Test Consultant 

Anthony Lockstone, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

“When I was a kid, I fell in love with computers. Now, every day I get to work with the latest technology!”

Anthony is a Principal Test Consultant, operating at a senior level, dedicated to supporting organisations in the management, enhancement, and optimisation of their testing and non-production environment delivery. He shares insights gained from extensive global client collaborations to craft tailored solutions that address their unique requirements. 

“In my role, I frequently engage in comprehensive test assessments,” Anthony explains. “These assessments involve a 360-degree evaluation of an organisation’s testing capabilities. We then provide customised recommendations and uplift roadmaps, aligning testing approaches with broader technology and business strategies. 

As a program test manager, Anthony plays a pivotal role in ensuring that testing aligns with project and program objectives. He strives to make testing purposeful, cost-effective, risk-aware, and an integral part of the delivery lifecycle. 

Specialising in complex integrated program test management, test tooling, process improvement, and metrics reporting, Anthony’s passion lies in assisting others. He believes that true success entails attentive listening to clients’ needs, equipping teams with appropriate tools, supporting them through efficient processes, and fostering their enthusiasm for their work. 

With an extensive IT career spanning nearly 25 years, Anthony embarked on his journey as a tester during the Y2K era. He is highly qualified in the field of testing (ISEB & CSTP/ISTQB; ISEB), and his primary expertise lies in Program Test Management. Over the years, he has worked across various sectors, including finance, telecommunications, federal and state government, insurance, healthcare, and utilities. 

From his childhood fascination with computers to his present-day role working with cutting-edge technology, Anthony’s journey has been a testament to his enduring love for the field, making him a true pioneer in the world of IT and quality assurance. Summing up his commitment to delivering excellence, Anthony proudly says, “I consider myself a passionate quality specialist and a devoted client advocate.”


Core Services

  • Program Test Management: 
  • Test strategy 
  • Test architecture 
  • Test tooling 
  • Test delivery 
  • Vendor and stakeholder management 
  • Test process improvement 
  • Defect management. 
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