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Vulnerability Detection & Penetration Testing

Discover your exposure to internal and external threats with Vulnerability detection & penetration testing


Cyber tests to discover internal and external threats

Vulnerability Detection & Penetration Testing provides visibility over detailed cyber security control weaknesses, so that you can remediate efficiently and effectively, in order to improve resilience and build digital trust across your entire technology stack and cyber-attack kill chain. 

Through in-depth technical testing and vulnerability assessment by cyber security experts you can identify, triage, quantify, prioritise, track, and remediate your control gaps to protect against known and unknown threats and demonstrate resilience, trust, and compliance. 

These assessments leverage testing and monitoring tools to remediate quickly and thoroughly. Advanced tools that leverage automation and AI provide advanced observability. When used in conjunction with consultative approaches organisations can be assured, they are resilient against cyber threats while improving trust in their services.  

  • At Avocado, we have some of the top 100 penetration testers worldwide 
  • We are a leading Australian application services provider with over 150 consultants and almost 20 years’ experience. 
  • We can help you quickly identify and pragmatically fix security issues and vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure before they are exploited allowing you to build trust with your internal stakeholders and customers. 

Our cyber testing capabilities

Our cyber security testing experts can identify, triage, quantify, prioritise, track, and remediate your control gaps

Vulnerability Detection & Penetration Testing, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

What sets us apart

We provide the complete range of global best practice penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, delivered by testers with decades of experience and ranked in the top 100 worldwide. Many of our testers also sit on international advisor boards for their respective certifications. Our testing includes:

  • Internal / External Network
  • Wireless
  • IOT
  • Web
  • Application
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Black box
  • White box
  • Grey box

We can integrate pen test results as well as the results of other assessments to provide a complete quantified risk assessment in dollar terms. We can also provide high volume, fixed price penetration testing.


Our approach to penetration and vulnerability testing

Our testing methodology includes best practices from OSSTMN, ISSAF, EC-Council, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Guidelines, CEH Penetration Testing Methodologies, OWASP Top 10 2021, OSSTMM, ISSAF, WASCv2, ASVS, and CWE (Including SANS Top 25).  

 We use the most advanced toolsets in the market including those from Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, Nexpose, Dynatrace, and Endace.  

 Our detailed reports cover the vulnerabilities identified and make technical, procedural, and strategic recommendations for remediation. Reports are presented in person to explain the findings and remediation.  

They also include an executive summary in business language so non-technical senior managers can understand the recommendations. 

  • SLDC maturity review
  • Secure development standards
  • Secure code reviews
  • Automated dynamic and static code testing
  • Threat modelling

Key Benefits

Our technical testing services can help: 

  • Identify vulnerabilities and provide a detailed assessment of security posture 
  • Obtain a holistic understanding of potential threat scenarios
  • Prioritise urgent remediation  
  • Understand options for remediation and deliver them with certainty 

We have multiple staff with each capability or certification or clearance that is required for the delivery of the services

Understand your cyber security control weaknesses

Ask our experts to conduct an in-depth technical testing and vulnerability assessment for cyber security today.


Our cyber security services

Avocado’s Security Practice offers end-to-end cyber security governance advisory, audit and assurance, risk quantification, architecture, cyber security testing, through to implementation of leading technology solutions and continuous optimisation through our cyber managed service.


Audit & Assessment Services

Reduce your compliance overload and due diligence backlog with ISO and industry-based audit and assurance services and Service, Supplier & Asset Assessments.

Cyber strategy and architecture

Define and demonstrate your cyber risk value proposition with services including CISO as a service, Advisory Board and Cyber Architecture. 

Cyber Risk Optimisation

Demonstrate your cyber security return on investment with our risk quantification and buy down services.

Cyber Risk Uplift

Deliver cyber security with certainty with cyber operating model services, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and cyber program design, delivery and oversight. 


Security Solutions

Our security solutions provide cyber resilience certainty by allowing you to monitor and respond to threat activity across the end-to-end attack chain. Learn how we implement and manage leading cyber security solutions, including endpoint and identity protection, and enhanced instrumentation such as SEIM and SOAR.


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