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Mohamed Chmais

By July 22, 2022October 5th, 2023Our People

Meet Mohamed Chmais – Principal Monitoring Consultant

Mohamed Chmais

Mohamed Chmais is an IT professional with over 23 years of experience in network, security, systems and storage with five years at Avocado Consulting. 

 As Avocado’s Principal Consultant, Mohamed is called on to make decisions around the design and implementation of scalable solutions and is accountable for technical validity and interoperability. Mohamed adds value by acting as a binder across technology teams (network, security, virtualization, systems and development) to meet gaps needed to successfully deploy solutions required. 

Mohamed is highly regarded for being a technically proficiency consultant and his expert approach to problem solving, which is logical, concise and efficient.      He has earned a reputation for being the ‘Moinator’ among clients because of his ability to be like The Terminator – resolving complex issues no one else can, with a cool and collected approach. 

He says, “I enjoy translating business challenges into technical solutions and making sure stakeholders targets are being reached and get to show real value through outcomes.”  

 Mohamed admits he falls in love with new technology. This is reflected in his diverse expertise across a range of technologies. This knowledge allows him to quickly understand advanced environment to minimise downtime and find a swift resolution because he can see the bigger picture in how differing technologies interconnect. 

 “I enjoy tackling the projects no one else can solve. I dig deeper and put the puzzle pieces together to deliver results for my clients,” he says. 

 Mohamed says the best part of his role is both the variety of engagements and the Avocado culture. “At Avocado, no two days are the same. I take pride in my work and enjoy what I do, which makes it so easy.” 

 “I also really enjoy comradery our team and the overall culture at Avocado.  The Monitoring team is a high caliber team and there is a lot of trust. While diverse, there is a lot of alignment in terms of working as one to achieve our goals and being able to pull on each other for advice – being part of this team means a lot to me”, says Mohamed. 

In 2021, Mohamed was awarded Consultant of the Year at Avocado. Mohamed is fluent in English, Danish, German and Arabic. 

Core Services

  • Cross area – network 
  • Security applications monitoring 
  • performance monitoring 
  • Storage data centre 
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