Avocado’s graduate program develops talented graduates into successful IT professionals with real skills and experience. Designed around the individual, we help graduates to explore their potential, accelerating their professional development.

This year we have welcomed Roopesh to our Graduate Program. He will be joining our dedicated Monitoring Practice here at Avocado. Let’s get to know him a little more…

Meet our Graduate: Roopesh

Meet our Graduate: Roopesh, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certaintyRoopesh joins Avocado with a great mix of qualifications and experience. With a Bachelor of Electrical and Communications Engineering as well as a Masters in Data Science, Roopesh has also gained valuable work experience as a Software Developer.

In his free time, Roopesh enjoys playing cricket and the guitar! The guitar was given to him as a gift, and he started playing from there.

What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the IT industry?

When I was young, computers seemed like magic to me. Once I began working with computers, I felt like a magician being able to understand how they work.

What is your new role at Avocado?

My new role is as a Splunk Practice Graduate Consultant.

What are you most excited about for your new role at Avocado?

Roopesh joined Avocado during the latest COVID-19 lockdowns across Australia.

I’m excited to go the new office and work with new people in the production environment.

I have worked in a production environment previously as a software developer. However, as a consultant I will need to keep engaging with people, so it will be a bit different.

What type of work are you hoping to do after the graduate program?

Preferably more of the same. After a conversation with [Monitoring Practice Lead] Mohit, there may be an option to go into Cyber Security, with a bit of machine learning. I’ll keep exploring options as they come by.

Your favourite quote

“Challenge everything.”

Do you have any advice for graduates looking to apply for a job at Avocado?

Be yourself, don’t stress over the interview because people are really chill at Avocado.