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Delivering a quality claims system for the insurance sector

Case Study

About our client


Our client is an insurer of choice founded 20 years ago by Members, for Members. They provide specialist solutions for workers compensation, safety and wellbeing.

Like other insurer’s, our client is responding to market conditions with digital transformation to improve services and support for their members. They operate with a key goal to provide great value insurance coverage and claims services.

The Challenge – deliver this calendar year with quality

Our insurance client was rolling out a new claims system, and needed to ensure it was functional, scalable, robust, and secure. With a business imperative to complete the project before calendar year-end, the team faced several challenges and roadblocks that were putting the deadline, budget and the promises made to Members at significant risk. Missing December was not a viable option, so Avocado was engaged for a short, sharp injection of capability and knowhow to deliver the project with certainty.

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Avocado Software Testing Services provided

  • Test leadership and governance
  • Functional Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Performance Testing

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"A leading insurer engaged Avocado for a short, sharp injection of capability and knowhow to deliver their project. The uplift in experience and knowledge provided clarity of purpose, visibility of status and an actionable roadmap that delivered to a hard deadline."

The Approach – A collaborative, focused injection of experience

Avocado supplied just 4 resources for short but strategic support across test leadership and governance, functional test execution, penetration testing and performance testing. The injection of experience and knowledge provided clarity of purpose, visibility of status and an actionable roadmap to meet the insurer’s goals.

The project was a true collaboration between client, vendor, and Avocado. All parties were focused on a common objective – deliver this calendar year with quality. Avocado consultants were able to create structure, metrics, governance, and accountability in the testing space. Business stakeholders were engaged to provide subject matter expertise and ramp up capacity to take ownership of the outcome.

Avocado used its Software Testing Services experience to triage usual project “noise” and focus existing in-house teams on the highest risk areas. We provided clear direction, leveraged our proven governance model, and introduced effective metrics tracking and status reporting. Our goal was to educate and uplift existing in-house capability rather than importing a large Avocado team to do the work. All intellectual property remained at our client once the project was completed.

Avocado also streamlined and simplified engagement with the vendor, creating an efficient delivery pipeline for new functionality and defect fixes. By adopting a true collaborative approach, all project stakeholders were empowered and decision making flowed quickly and confidently across the project team. 

Business stakeholder and resources became engaged and were given responsibility for outcomes in their respective areas of expertise. Rather, than doing, Avocado supported, directed, and uplifted in-house resources who gained in confidence and delivered the project themselves. This approach ensured the knowledge and capability remained at the insurer.

This gave Avocado just 6 weeks to:

  • complete the performance and penetration testing supported by inhouse teams
  • give momentum to IT and Business functional testing, including defect management
  • create daily status reporting to give confidence to management and stakeholders.

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The Outcome - Avocado, the missing ingredient for success

The Outcome for this engagement was that our client delivered the project by December to budget. The quiet warranty period was evidence of the quality of the solution, and business stakeholders embraced the new platform.

Engaging Avocado proved to be the missing ingredient in the recipe for success. The uplift in capability and knowledge at the right time proved invaluable. Avocado created the right mix of subject matter knowledge and technical expertise across each area of testing to ensure the insurer met their deadline and kept their promise to their Member’s.

By using Avocado, our client did not have to carry the Project team into the new year and their new claims platform was delivered to plan.

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A Gordon Ramsay approach to software testing (minus the swearing!)

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