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Software testing issues? It’s time for a Testing Capability Review

“Testing is taking too long,” “Testing is too expensive,” and “Testing is a bottleneck preventing more frequent releases.”  

These are common software testing issues we hear when clients first approach us.

In the current business climate, there is mounting pressure to achieve more with fewer resources, release faster, and ensure an exceptional customer experience. Without understanding the root cause of issues and having an actionable roadmap to address them, organisations risk investing money in the wrong areas and technologies. Surprisingly, the solution to these challenges can often be straightforward. This is where a test capability review, such as Avocado’s Test Capability Review, can be a game changer for your software testing!

Reduce incidents and enhance Customer Experience with a Testing Review 

A Testing Capability Review provides you with a bespoke roadmap containing recommendations on strategies, templates, and tools to enhance your testing capabilities.   

Our comprehensive solution is designed for in-house teams grappling with software testing issues like prolonged testing cycles, bottlenecks, and collaboration challenges. We address these concerns based on business needs, whether it involves uplifting the skills of in-house teams, implementing new governance processes and policies, reducing manual processes through automation or a combination of all. The aim is to enhance overall IT capability, introduce essential governance practices through training, and, if necessary, leverage our resources as a temporary solution until additional resources are hired. 

What are the benefits of a review? 

The review assesses IT testing processes and capability across key areas such as current testing practices, governance, scalability, maturity of test metrics and reporting, benchmarking against industry standards, automation, and coaching.  

Avocado’s Testing Capability Review and subsequent implementation brings a host of benefits, including:  

  • Reduction in Production Incidents: Mitigating risks associated with software and infrastructure changes.  
  • Improved System Resiliency 
  • Cost Reduction: Streamlining testing processes across IT to reduce overall costs and employing automation. 
  • Increased Business Confidence: Providing management with better visibility for effective decision-making. 
  • Enhanced Market Confidence: Demonstrating improved delivery capability to stakeholders. 
  • Productivity Benefits: Improving resource allocation and team productivity. 
  • Improved Customer Experience: Ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions to end-users. 

 What’s involved in a testing review? 

We evaluate opportunities for enhancing IT testing processes and proficiency in various key areas. This includes: 

  • Analysing current testing practices throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), encompassing both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.  
  • Assessing the governance of existing test environments and data, ensuring the capability to test solutions comprehensively across business processes and underlying infrastructure.  
  • Examining the scalability of the current testing process to meet the demands of future projects, evaluate the maturity of test metrics, reporting, and stage gate controls for timely and accurate information, benchmark organisational capability against industry peers in Australia. 
  • Exploring opportunities for automation to expedite development, increase productivity, and enhance quality.  
  • Considering coaching and mentoring as a solution to uplift internal teams, recognising that some teams may benefit from additional structure and support. 

If you are facing testing challenges, don’t carry them into 2025.  

Our review is designed for in-house teams struggling with software testing issues, such as lengthy testing processes, bottlenecks, and collaboration issues.  

Avocado’s approach is not a long-term outsourcing solution but aims to uplift your IT capability, provide essential governance practices, coaching, and automation support, acting as a stopgap until you hire more resources. We understand your vision and budget constraints, tailoring our solutions accordingly.  

Software testing issues? It’s time for a Testing Capability Review, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

Greer Gavin

Project Delivery and Testing Practice Manager

Are you ready to uplift your testing capability in 2024? Fill in the form to make an enquiry. 

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