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Protecting your customer data - Download the guide

As a digital economy, capturing and storing customer data is a double-edged sword. Whilst it enables an enhanced customer experience, it also attracts cyber criminals. This new world demands strong ongoing vigilance to gain trust – and keep it.

This quick start guide will strengthen your customer data protection knowledge. You’ll walk away with immediate actions to deliver your customer data compliance with certainty.

You’ll walk away with immediate actions to deliver your customer data compliance with certainty.

Digital privacy: protecting your customer data, Avocado Consulting - deliver with certainty

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In this customer data guide, we cover:

Section one: data hygiene.

How can you improve data hygiene while striking the balance between lowering your risk profile, retaining integrity and still delivering the best experience for your customer? Avocado shares three ways to ensure high quality data.

Section two: Minimising insider and outsider threats 

Do you know what threats compromise the safety of your data? Avocado explores the top attacks and explain how to employ proactive and effective monitoring techniques to reduce the consequence of a data breach – with steps to stop accidental exposure. 

Section three: Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM). 

How do you capture security related events for analysis and investigation and respond to them efficiently? We discuss how to protect your customer data by adopting a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution and a Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR).

Section four: Governance.  

Is your governance framework fit-for-purpose? We examine how the right framework, deploying the right security controls and vulnerability scanning underpins your data approach.

Want to know more about protecting your customer data? 

For many organisations, the fast-moving cyber environment means going above the minimum expected and continually optimising their approach is becoming critical to do business.  

If you require assistance to ensure your data privacy obligations are compliant or are interested in tools to support your data and security, register for a complimentary cyber strategy consultation.

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