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Download the DevSecOps Maturity Model: A guide for evaluating and progressing your organisation’s DevSecOps initiatives

DevSecOps, which emphasises shifting left for security, empowers organisations to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats early on, fostering a culture of security from the very inception of a project. By assessing, defining, and strategising their DevSecOps approach, companies can not only safeguard their assets and reputation but also accelerate innovation and enhance customer trust – making software delivery fast, safe and secure.

Avocado’s guide walks you through our specially designed self-assessment tool of your current DevSecOps maturity to gauge an understanding of your maturity level, based on the NIST Industry standards four pillars of maturity:

Prepare your organisation, protect your software, produce well-secured software and proactive response to vulnerabilities.

Using this guide and your maturity level, it provides a prescriptive way to measure your current practices, identify areas of improvement, set realistic goals for advancement and track progress overtime.

This guide then outlines how to define your desired maturity level and strategise the transition path to the future, aiming to advance your level from ‘adhoc’ to ‘elite’ practices, and realise the value of DevSecOps in your organisation.

As experts in empowering clients to develop internal DevSecOps capabilities, we delve into Avocado’s proven methodology, approach, and framework, enabling organisations to uplift DevSecOps from zero to hero.

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What's Next?

This whitepaper should be used in conjunction with our DevSecOps Self-assessment tool. Once you receive your maturity level results and gain a holistic understanding of the use cases required to uplift to the next level, our Avocado experts recommend undertaking a complimentary consultation to help identify your problem statement and use cases. Read more about our DevSecOps services and make an enquiry today.  services and fill an enquiry form to take up the offer below.

Self-assess your DevSecOps Maturity Level now!

Avocado’s self-assessment tool to get started on your DevSecOps journey:

  • Aligned to NIST Industry Standards.
  • Assess your current practices
  • Identify Areas for Improvement.
  • Track progress over time.
DevSecOps Self-assessment tool
DevSecOps Maturity Levels

Our DevSecOps Services

Our DevSecOps Services

Avocado provides leading DevSecOp services focused on roadmap creation, implementation planning and action. 

Our approach to Shift Left Security gives you complete visibility and balances speed and security to make you fast, safe and secure.

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Consulting Services

Discover how our Strategy and Tactical Roadmap with our Maturity Model can help accelerate your DevSecOps adoption.

Change Management, Training & Tools Adoption

Ensure a smooth transition, upskilling, and effective utilisation of new tools within the organisation’s processes. 

Deploy and Implement

Take advantage of our certified engineers and their expertise to deploy and implement DevSecOps security platforms into your development environment and cloud. 

Security Integration with DevOps Tools

Ensure the right security practices and privilege access controls are seamlessly integrated within your DevOps workflow. 

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