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Investment Management Solutions

At a glance


Investment management


  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Development
  • Data migration
  • Quality assurance
  • Test management
  • BAU/Transition support


  • Charles River – trading platform
  • Imagine – trading platform
  • Aladdin – trading platform
  • Eagle Pace – data warehouse
  • SmartStream TLM – reconciliation engine
  • StatPro – performance and analytics


$130 million


2.5 years

Resources provided

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Development
  • Data migration
  • Data warehouse
  • Test management
  • Quality assurance
  • Implementation management

Activities Undertaken

  • Project management of releases
  • Business requirements
  • Data migration
  • Development
  • Test management and execution
  • User acceptance
  • User training
  • Implementation and Release management
  • Operational handover

The client was undertaking a major upgrade of its antiquated trading platforms and fragmented business processes. The project involved reorganising its front-, middle- and back office operations to eliminate duplication of effort, minimise risk and eliminate costly errors.

The IT solution required the rollout of a state-of-the-art data warehouse, new trading platforms as well as a reconciliation engine and analytical system. This enabled our client to offer service and advice superior to that of competitors.

The IT challenge represented by this project was widely recognised in the industry as being one of the most complex ever faced, with an aggressive timeframe. The essence of the challenge was to turn an old, rigid, and error prone business process and IT system into a leading edge IT platform. The transformation would have to ensure the client met its 2011 goal of becoming an Australasian investment management powerhouse. This all had to be done without impacting existing customers or day-to-day operations.

Avocado recognised the need to engage specialist Consultants with subject matter rather than generalist expertise. Avocado was aware that the solution needed a heavy business engagement at the start of the project to support the quality and accuracy of the results. To that end we adopted our proprietary methodology to quality assurance.

Avocado invested heavily in training our Consultants in the software packages utilised. We remained focused and entirely committed to the work through the life of the project – including the operational handover and transition to business-as-usual.

Thanks to the breadth of Avocado’s consulting and delivery ability, the client had a single, knowledgeable point of contact for all its needs. Having selected Avocado under a ‘best-of-breed’ selection process, the client was delighted with the specialty knowledge, skill and experience we brought to the work as we delivered on all our promises. The adoption of our proprietary methodology to quality assurance ensured quality was maintained and risks reduced throughout the life of the project.

Our commitment to understanding the business and the processes involved, our investment in training and unwavering focus on finding solutions allowed us to deliver an outstanding service. A knowledgeable resource was always available to the client and the right questions could be asked early, minimising rework.

Ultimately Avocado’s strong governance, management and transparency meant the client was well informed, could always track progress and remain confident that the project would be successfully completed on time.

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